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Day 29… Tales from a Small Town

Posted on July 4, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Lining up the Parade

For me this was a very different 4th of July. I am use to being on a small secluded lake in the Adirondacks surrounding by family and those almost families. Well being VP of the Fire Department changed all that for me this year and gave me a taste of Americana. As VP I am in charge of this celebration the parade, BBQ, silent auction, and dessert tent all fall on my shoulders.
We met at the firehouse at 7:30am loaded up the trucks with hot dogs, hamburgers, and all sorts of other staples of American food. As we brought down the food to the town rec. center, members of the community brought and abundance of various potato, pasta, fresh green, and other salads to donate to the fireman’s BBQ. Also a staple was Sam’s tent, Sam is a 96 year old man who use to be on the Fire Department and runs the sweets and beverage tent for us each year. As we were finishing setting up the food donations kept pouring in, watermelon after watermelon! 
Selectmen like to have fun too
I darted down the road to the start of the parade to help oversee and line all the participants up. We had four area fire departments in the parade along with several floats from area businesses and organizations. I failed to mention before this is also the town’s 250th birthday. The parade I was told was the largest in town history, honoring founding families and included many of the school kids on bikes and even a Selectmen on a unicycle juggling. 
After the parade everyone gathered while we honored the town’s birthday. Then the BBQ opened and it was a whirlwind of activity. The grill was pumping out burger after burger and the hearty scoopfuls of salad were being placed on plates. All walked off with an additional piece of watermelon. Kids spent the day swimming in the town pool and playing games on the field. Historical demonstrations took place, people gathered together, the town was one, while all feasted on the vast array of food. 
Town Birthday Cake
After lunch many bid on the Fire Department’s silent auction to raise money for additional equipment not in our budget. This event is the largest fundraiser of the year for us. At 3:00 the auction was over and all picked up their winnings. At this point the focus switched over to the pool where the traditional belly flop contest was taking place. A true hit with the kids and tradition at least 20 years old. 
As I rest for a few before heading back down to fireworks. Then the final clean up should be done around 10:30pm. I know a workout is not going to make it into today’s schedule. However, I have experienced what it is like to be in the heart of the true American Forth of July in a small Vermont town.
Silent Auction in full swing
No long story short. No workout today. Make something up if you really want to. Enjoy your family friends and other loved ones this day, especially those who are fighting to continue to maintain our freedom and independence!  For this one small town in Vermont the 4th of July is truly a collaborative effort. Thanks to all those who contributed!
Shower then fireworks tonight! If you are in Killington come out they start around 9:30pm live music beforehand!