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Day 30… Sidelined

Posted on July 5, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Yes, sidelined.

After a week of nonstop motion my body and more accurately my immune system has rebelled. I pushed and pushed to the limit between Death Race, Grad School, Disc Golf Tournament and the Fireman’s Forth of July. I know the ways of my foley, lack of a good nights sleep repeatedly (5 nights on a couch), food intake was down last week while in class, and my water consumption was low. All these factors helped contribute to the fact I am now in bed, sinuses clogged, throat sore, and a borderline ear infection. It is hard to admit when I am sick, but this time I am.

Their will be no workouts today, no lifting and running. My heart wants me to do it my brain and body will not allow for such silliness. I had felt this coming on for days but muscled through hoping I could just make it go away, but alas my body had other plans. So here I am now, sidelined feeling like crap. Hopefully a day of rest bring me back to healthy status tomorrow.