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Day 32… Back on the Path

Posted on July 7, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Too Nice a Day Not to Run

That’s right I’m back on the training path! After two days of doing virtually nothing, including work I am back at it and looking forward to the Spartan Beast, and World’s Toughest Mudder. Ok, to be honest I still have a cough and my sinuses are not fully cleared up but my energy level is back.

This mornings run was definitely helped along by a friend, Lynn. Although we have only met in person once she is a great motivator and friend. We and I met at the first Spartan Race in Burlington, VT in the spring of 2010. She FB chatted with me this morning and gave me the motivation to go out there and get it today. To be honest Lynn, I was still in bed when we were chatting. I started the morning questioning if I should or shouldn’t go out for a run today, but after chatting with her I decided to stop wallowing in being sick and get back into it.

Instead of heading to the office first thing, I got training clothes on and headed for a run. No weights, no rock, just water and myself. I am easing back into it so as to not prolong this cold anymore. The first song that came on through my headphones this morning was, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by MC5. I don’t know what it is about the song but it gets me fired up every time I hear it. If you haven’t heard it give it a listen. “This is a man’s man’s man’s world but it ain’t nothing without a women…” At first my legs felt like lead, it felt like over the last two days the lactic acid had just built up. At some point it all changed and I could feel my body getting back into it. It felt good to be back on the trail and training again. By the end of the run I was really moving. It helped that the weather is perfect and a slight breeze really kept me cool the whole time.

Killington, VT
Distance: 4.02 miles
Time: 43:45
Pace: 10’52″/mi

Lastly, thank you thank you all the support while I was sick the last two days. It means a lot to know so many people care how I am doing. Thank you to all my great and wonderful friends!