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Day 33… Get Your Wood On

Posted on July 10, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

My Humble Pile of Kindling

Get your mind out of the gutter; it’s about chopping wood. A phase coined at the recent Death Race. After arriving late at camp last night I pleasantly arose to the sound of loons. Something in the air up here makes me sleep like a baby. In a few days I can catch up on weeks of sleep!
I woke up this morning and all remnants of my cold had dissipated overnight. I looked out my window to the lake completely glassy. It was if the surface was a mirror reflecting the shoreline perfectly. I pulled my Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) off my car and pulled it down to the lake. I led myself on an hour paddle around parts of the lake. I encountered two loons in one of the bays. A perfect way to start the weekend at camp.
I was informed in the morning that instead of cutting a tree down and cutting up some nice soft wood like pine, we needed kindling. So, I took my new axe and headed towards the woodpile.  This was the first time with an axe in my hand since I was about 17 when I cut up some kindling. That time I was wearing a sweatshirt, mesh shorts, and flip-flops, I am sure everyone’s choice of proper chopping apparel. This time I was a little more properly dressed, close-toed shoes, Carhartts, and a t-shirt. I learned several lessons about chopping wood this morning.
11 years ago chopping kindling

1.     1.   I am not very good at it
2.   2.   Chopping Hardwood sucks!
3.   3.   It’s easier to hit large logs than small kindling pieces
4.   4.   I need a lot of practice chopping wood!
I chopped and stacked wood for an hour and a half. Many many miss hits along the way. I made a decent pile and was covered in sweat. My sister wants me to add, I also made a large hole in the ground from my many miss hits along the way. A swim after the morning chopping session was the best way to cap off a workout. In the afternoon, I did a little more chopping this time with my sister watching keeping company. I found all the wood we have currently cut is Birch and Cherry with a little Oak mixed in.
So in terms of workouts, I had the hour on the lake paddling, and about 2 hours chopping and stacking kindling. I don’t know how many calories I left on the chopping block but, I am going to be sore tomorrow.