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Day 37… A Dip in the Pond

Posted on July 12, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Woodword Reservoir

Today, I can happily say was a turning point. I have been in a slump for the past week or so, ever since the 4th of July. I have felt like each day its work to go out and get a workout in. You probably have felt it in the blog and my writing. In the end, all I needed to turn it around was a swimming buddy. Someone to break up the training and give me a fresh perspective.

Today’s workout was off the normal schedule, but off the normal schedule was exactly what was needed. I get the Workout of the Day from Spartan Race, Jason aka Barn Beast sends them out each night. Last night, when I got the email I sent him a Facebook chat saying I thought it looked like fun. He quickly responded, want to do the workout with me! Without thinking I said, Yes! Jason, is an incredible athlete in his own right and getting to workout with him made me a little nervous after I said yes. He is currently training for a double and triple Ironman for the remainder of 2011. He is now using traditional Ironman’s as training! When I said yes, I knew at least the workout would be one that pushed me.
Here is what was posted in the Spartan Race email:
Clear Clean Vermont Water
Workout for the Day of July 12th, 2011

It’s hot out.  Blast furnace hot.  Even up here in VT at Spartan HQ.  Can’t image what it is like southward.  Time to hit the lake or pool! Swimming = Total Body Workout

Open water swim: 1-2hr, endurance workout pace (buddy system for safety, remember!!!)

I sat in my office most of the day trying to pump myself up to go swimming this afternoon. I couldn’t remember if I had ever continuously swam for an hour or more and knew I hadn’t been out swimming at all this summer. About 20 minutes before I headed out the door I got a text from Jason asking if I had extra goggles, his got lost during the Death Race. I didn’t, he said he would deal and if he lost is contacts along the way so be it. He said it would be good training to try to swim in a straight line closing his eyes. We met at the old general store in town and drove down about 10 minutes to the Woodword Reservoir. Chatting in the car briefly on the way there. We talked about work and all those things that engulf our daily lives. I needed this swim more than I could have ever imagined.
Once we were in the water it was on. We both continuously swam for just over an hour. The water temperature was perfect. It was a great introduction back into the water. Jason lost his contacts part of the way through so I became his seeing eye dog or moving guide for the second half of the swim. We both swam off all the worries of work and life. We both agreed that we had a renewed vigor once we got out of the water. So after all that I feel like I am back! I’m gonna show you how great I am… yes sometimes it takes a Youtube Video to remind you all that you can do!
Woodword Reservoir, Plymouth VT
Time: 1:03.25
Distance: over a mile or so