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Day 38… Rock and Roll

Posted on July 13, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Back on the Trail

I pulled back out the rock today. It’s been a while and well sometimes you just want to throw something for about 40 minutes. I had a short interview taped this afternoon for one of the local TV news magazines. As soon as it is online I will post it up. I am sure I will look pretty funny throwing a rock around in a skirt on camera. Hope it makes for good television. So first we went out and taped the workout then I went out and actually put in all the work. Short distance, quick workout with a lot packed in. It was back to the basics back to what I know and even though the distance is short I just keep adding a little more to the mix at the mile markers.

Killington, VT
Distance: 2.05 Miles
Total Time: 45:07
Pace: 21’25″/mile
Rock: 23lb
At Each Mile Marker:
20 Pushups, 20 Burpees, 20 Sit-ups

Beauty of Vermont

Inspiration, I had to fill out a bio about myself today which asked about who I was inspired by. I always have a hard time filling these things out. How can you really talk about yourself  and your feelings in a few sentences. I took a few minutes and thought about it immediately my mother and grandmother came to mind for teaching me how to be a strong independent woman. But then, as I thought more it really is the people around me each day that inspire me, whether it be my friend Jason aka Barn Beast training for double and triple Ironmans, my friend Eden who has lost over 100lbs and decided to be one fit chick! Or my friend Cat who before she was 20 overcame ovarian cancer, and since has been a professional downhill mountain biker, professional snowboarder, owned a hot dog stand, stone mason, and is an all around badass who has in the last couple years survived cancer again in her late 30’s. Cat also took me under her wing when I first moved to VT after college about 7 years ago. I am forever indebted to her and she continues to be a mentor for me even as our lives have taken different directions.

I find inspiration in people who have the drive to do something out of the ordinary, who push limits, and do what others think unimaginable sometimes even boarderline crazy. These people inspire me. You reading this blog inspire and motivate me each day. The kind words and support this blog has brought me so far is amazing. Sometimes I am inspired when I look at the mountain outside my window or am up at the top alone with the sounds of the wind through the tall grass. Inspiration is all around us, look around what inspires you?