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Day 42… Clearing My Head

Posted on July 18, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Tee and Tea

Still jacked up from the night hike last night. I got up early to head down to Base Camp Outfitters to meet Mike to head to the Lincoln Peak Disc Golf Tournament. This was to be my second tournament, I had never played the course before and really had no expectations of the day. I was paired up in the morning with three other women in my division and the two young boys in the Rec. division.

All I can say about the first round was it was stressful and not because of the way I was playing. Overall, it was the first time I played in which I did not have fun, which was a shame as the weather was great and it was a challenging but fun course. As soon as the round was over I dashed for the car to change into some running clothes and literally ran away from it all for a few minutes. Sometimes you just need to run away, to clear yourself. I had switch running days so today’s run was actually Thursday’s. I had four miles tapped to do today but as our first round ran long I was forced to keep it short.

The first mile, I ran and I ran fast away from the Sugarbush resort base area. As I got further away, I felt myself relaxing, centering, and refocusing. It was a critical time away. After one hilly mile which was just over eight minutes, I decided to turn around so I had time to eat and not miss the start. I realized, WOW, I needed this time and saw everything much clearer afterwards. I stopped at the deli on the way back and carried my lunch in a brown paper bag back to the base area. It was an interesting site me running down the road with the bag of food. After the run, I jumped in the pool, cooled off and eat a huge and delicious, lunch.

1st Place Trophies

The second eighteen, I decided to stop all the noise around me and just play my game and have a good time with one of the other players Sarah. She and I were determined to have a good time and play out the rest of the day on a high note. I finished third in my division, but more importantly had a smile on my face the second half. While we were waiting for awards I had several people come up and ask me if I had really 1. run 2 miles during lunch and 2. picked up lunch on the way back. The answer was YES and YES! Thanks to Dave and Anne for another great tournament.

So in the end of the day I was on the course for about five – six hours hiking up and down the mountain and two miles of actually running today, so between the two I know I got in at least four miles and I am happy with that. I am starting the week still on a high from my hike. The beauty at the top of the mountain will carry me through for a while.