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Day 44… Adapting to New Plans

Posted on July 20, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Hot & Hazy Afternoon in VT

Life is funny how when you think you have the best, most well laid out plans sometimes everything changes last minute and the new plans actually work out better. Sorry that was very cryptic. I will explain.

I was suppose to go for a swim with a friend today. Due to a series of unfortunate events he had to cancel last minute. It was a bummer as I had been looking forward to a swim all day. However, I shifted gears quickly and decided to do Wednesday’s run instead. It was suppose to be 10 miles.

At about 4pm I left the school and headed up the road to the mountain for a run. As I started off I was questioning if this had been a good choice for the day. It was hot and I definitely had not had enough water throughout the day. But up the mountain I headed. Mile after mile clicked by as I trucked along. I was suppose to do 10 miles when I got to mile 5 I knew I wasn’t too far from the top of the mountain so I decided just to keep going.

Still working on my self shots

At 6.05, I hit the top of Killington. It felt awesome to run off a busy day at work. I stood at the top for a moment and took in the beauty around me. I am so grateful I live in the mountains. Each day I run up here it reinforces how lucky I am. I think if I were to live in a city it would be much harder to get motivated. Something about the clean fresh air and silence of the woods compels me to go further. In a conversation with a friend, Isaac, tonight we talked about how nature provides meaning to life, on a mtn, river, lake, trail, any of it” So true Isaac so true. My time at the top was short lived. I turned about and headed back down.

It’s always funny when you run down what you have just come up how quickly it goes when you head down. I almost took a wrong turn as I was much lower than I thought quickly. The run finished up at 12.1 miles. I was bummed about not getting to swim but today I really realized at mile 5, I LIKE TRAIL RUNNING. This might sound silly to those of you who only know me through the blog but those who have known me for years are still scratching their head at the idea of me running. Thanks again to all who enjoy this blog and to all those who I am privileged to call friends, finally all those who I have become friends with throughout this journey. I truly am lucky to have some amazing people around me!

It’s like the top of the world

Killington, VT
Distance: 12.1
Time: 2:37.35
Pace: Just under 13 minute miles