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Day 45… New Crew Member

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Hot Hazy Afternoon
The heat had hit Vermont as well as the rest of the country it seems. It was over 90 degrees today here in the mountains. As I hopped in my car on my way to an afternoon swim, the thermometer said 82 degrees at 4:30pm. 

Today, I was a solo swimmer so I brought along a spotter, Madalyn who brought along Ruger her dog for company. She had been wanting to try out my stand up paddleboard and I wanted a spotter for the swim, just in case. It helps she is also a first responder on the Killington Fire Rescue with me. I picked her up and we headed to Woodard Reservoir. I showed her how to get on and paddle the board and I took off in the water. My total swim time was 1:03.57. I kept a steady pace the whole time. Every once in a while I would look around to see if Madalyn was still near me. She stayed with me the whole time. When we got back to the drop-in her boyfriend and another friend met us. They were surprised at how far I had gone. It felt good, I was really sore in the morning and the swim actually helped to loosen up.

Support Crew

Woodard Reservoir, VT
Time: 1:03.57

I had told Madalyn prior to this she was on my crew for the 2012 Death Race. Now she has officially made the cut. Guess it’s pretty easy to get on my crew, make sure I don’t drown and you your in! If you feed me too then you are definitely on my crew. Easy way to my heart, food.

Ruger! Happy Swimming along

I had a quick turnaround when I got home as I had to go to the local Rotary to talk about the Spartan Race and Death Race, they knew nothing about the races and wanted to hear about my experiences as a competitor and as a volunteer. I threw in Corinthians 16:13 into the presentation, for any 2011 Death Racer this might make them laugh or cringe at the thought. One of the guys who already reads the blog asked about my rock. So I told my “crazy homeless person story” all laughed. It felt great spreading the word of Obstacle Racing to the masses. I think some think I am crazier than they thought before. I am grateful for the opportunity to spread the love. Hope everyone is braving the heat around the country and was able to do something to cool off today!