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Day 46… Kicking It Old School

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
RHS Bleachers

It’s hot, no it’s effing hot, even in VT I saw my car thermometer hit 100 in Rutland driving back from lacrosse practice today. I live in the Vermont Mountains to avoid this heat and well the heat wave has hit this part of the country too. I don’t do hot well, I am the first to admit it. Today turned out to be a little lame on the workout side. The heat really gets to me and I didn’t have the time to go swimming again.

Most of the day was spent getting work done as I am gone all weekend with family engagements, a race in Maine and a wedding in NY (both on the same day, Saturday’s post should be interesting). I hurried to end all my work up for the week before headed to coach lacrosse.

My plan was to get in a speed workout but with the heat I knew it wasn’t going to be fully possible, as I stood on the turf dripping while leading drills. For those that haven’t experienced a turf field it is on average ten degrees warmer than the air. Great in spring time not so great in the Dog Days of Summer. I felt like I was in a Bikram Yoga studio. So instead, I did the conditioning piece at the end of our practice with the girls. We ran the bleachers, 10 laps around. I ended up doing 11 to help one of the girls push hard through her last set. The girls did great and I was dripping at the end. It felt great to do it with the girls and hopefully help push them a little harder.

Streamy Evening

Bikram Sprints
Rutland High School, Rutland VT
10 Laps up and down

I know not a tough day, but with a crazy weekend ahead and my last prep race (Tough Mountain Challenge) before the Spartan Beast I want to be in top form. Alright time to jump in a cold shower and cool off. Hope all of you were able to stay cool today. No A/C here at my place, hoping it cools a little this evening.