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Day 51… Go Your Own Way

Posted on July 28, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Good day for a swim

Yes, channeling Fleetwood Mac this evening, actually the title of the blog came to me about forty minutes into today’s swim. I went through a couple people who were going to go as spotters for me today. One went on an afternoon berry picking with her boyfriend and the other had a emergency at her house to get to. Unfortunately, it ended up being me by myself. To ease the worries of a few people who read this blog, my mother among them. I stuck to the shore the whole time and didn’t do a cross lake swim today. I was never more than two or three feet from land. The water was great and the weather was perfect.

The swim went fine but it was one of those days where your brain will not shut up. I went harder and it kept going. It was me, myself and I for an hour out in the water. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. It was a struggle fighting my own self today. The redeeming factor about the swim was putting the computer and cell phone away after a crazy day at work, could simply “go my own way.” So today’s swim I dedicate to Fleetwood Mac and going your own way. 
Sunset In Vermont
Swim Session
Woodard Reservoir, VT
Total Time: 1:01:00
My one day a week swimming has become a great day to get out and do something different. The low impact is something my body definitely likes, as well I am still getting the all body workout in. It is always funny seeing the people as I emerge from the pond wondering where I came from. Short post tonight. I’m tired I have pushed pretty hard this week. A little more recon tomorrow for you all racing in the Spartan Beast on my run in the morning.