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Day 53… A Day at The Fox

Posted on July 29, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
It’s my day off and I find myself today writing from the Red Fox Inn in Bondville, VT. I am visiting what can best be described as my second family. The Inn and restaurant are buzzing as Cyril Neville and Tribe 13 are up from New Orleans to play here tonight. I have been helping today prepare the Inn with my friend Mary this afternoon, even got her to toss a disc around this afternoon.
Mary has begun her own personal workout journey. She and another friend have started exercising 6 days a week and will be starting a Bootcamp Training in another week or so. She told me after reading the blog it helped her to get motivated to get out there and do it. I can honestly say I am extremely honored to find out that I have helped play a small role in her own journey. I think I have even convinced her to do a race with me in October.

While helping get the Inn together I received a massage through Facebook on my iPhone. I was humbled and inspired after reading Roxanne’s message and story. I felt compelled to share it with you. I hope she doesn’t mind. Roxanne completed in the Tough Mudder New England this past spring. She fell coming off the Berlin Walls (10 foot high barrier walls)  and a couple days after the event she started to have calf problems. It kept getting worse and she ended up going to the ER, where she found out she had a clot in her upper thigh. The doctors told her it was probably there before the race and the fall dislodged it. She is currently on medication until the clot goes away and is unable to do any exercise. She just hopes to be able to get out and run again soon.
Roxanne did well in the New England Tough Mudder and actually qualified for the World’s Toughest Mudder. These days she says it’s hard to go to the site and see other peoples excitement. She contacted me after seeing many of my pictures online and after reading her story I was so touched by all she is currently dealing with I needed to share. She did say that the ironic part about it all was the fall dislodging the clot actually could have saved her life.

Roxanne’s story reminds me how each moment of each day is a present and we can not overlook all the greatness around us.We only have one body and each day and moment we are able to use it to the fullest is a gift. Roxanne, I know you will be out there soon with the rest of us. Maybe you can join us at World’s Toughest Mudder, this year on the sidelines. I have two friends who are traveling to event, to cheer, yell and basically be a as loud as possible for 24 hours. I think they are even making uniforms. Love my Spartan Race and Tough Mudder friends, can’t wait to see many of you in a week for the Spartan Beast.

Now for me it’s time to get back to The Fox and hear some of New Orlean’s finest with the best “like” family in Vermont. Tomorrow it’s off for a long run around a few mountains.