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Day 58… Plans Change

Posted on August 4, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
My Niece, she’s my little buddy

I waited to write this post today, hoping I would get in a workout in the last minutes of the day. However, that did not happen. I feel badly as I was planning on a short run today, but with the working accumulating in Grad School and final preparations for the Spartan Beast, compiled with trying to being a good guest of my sister and brother-in-laws, something in my life had to give, today it was my run. I felt badly at first knowing I was not getting the workout in, that I had posted I would, but I was ok with it after the fact as a little rest won’t kill me before a race.

So what have I done instead today….
A quick overview of my day, woke up around 5:30am finished readings for today’s class. Quickly, as I made quinoa for my staple lunch of refried black bean and quinoa, in a sprouted wrap, I also packed up my books and computer and headed out the door by 8:00am. I like to arrive early to class to finish out any last minute readings and get my emails in for the day before we get going. 

All Fresh All Local, Love VT
The class day went rather quickly and by 2:15pm we were being let out of class. I hurried back to the house to get some solid reading in before my sister and niece got home. A little time was spent with them  and my brother-in-law. To repay the favor of me taking up their couch for almost two weeks I made dinner straight from my CSA tonight. Then went back to the books along with some work for the upcoming Spartan Beast and the Spartan Chicked Team.
It is now 10:30pm and my evening break as I have read just over 140 pages in one book it’s time to move onto the three articles (~75 pages). Thus a workout was just not in the cards today. I knew going into this week the focus would be academics, and Spartan Beast prep. In the end of the day I am ok with it. I hope to get a light run in tomorrow, between writing a paper and other articles. If not so be it. If I can get the work down now so that the weekend is free from academics that’s paramount at the moment.
A different sort of post, and I know I don’t need to explain myself but sometimes plans change and in the light of being truthful and telling you my story, I feel you should know the reasons behind my inaction today.