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Day 62… I Need A Walker

Posted on August 9, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Sunday morning came very quickly after a night at the Pickle Barrel with the ladies, all the other Spartan competitors and local friends. Part early birthday celebration, part race celebration, and another interview later. Sunday morning came quickly.

Calm after the Storm
Due to some confusions and missed alarms I ended up driving Carrie and Katy back to New York at 6:50am. Everyone was moving pretty slowly in the morning between the night out and the race. My hip flexors were killing me, but otherwise I felt pretty good. However, as much as it sucked to be driving them again and being in the car for another six hours for the second time in less than 48 hours, I enjoyed every moment of it. What else is the Team Manager suppose to do! 
The time we spent in the car was priceless, I am more inspired by both ladies each day. In fact, we found out we all inspire each other. I am reminded how lucky I am to become friends with such amazing women. It’s a lovefest. I keep repeating myself but the community of people involved in this race series is amazing, from employees to competitors. I feel like truly after this race we have a core group of us that are a crazy family and look forward to seeing them all at the next race. ALPHA 603-8864. On a less serious note, the three of us are determined to be on Exhibition Extreme’s next season if they have another one. We all agree we are sick of TV showing weak and stupid women. Could you imagine the three of us from the Spartan Chicked Team representing on a reality TV show, bananas! Carrie spoke about her kids and how rad they are. In those few hours we bonded, I know for life I have women who will be there and the bond transcends the geographic distances.
Still wet from Saturday, Pre-Run
I got back to Killington around 1:00pm. Maurya and I went out to lunch and figured out how to get her back to Brooklyn. Once we squared that away and she was off with Tara to Albany. It was time for me to stretch my legs a bit after the Beast. I set out on a little trail run on the mountain. It was nice to be along and quiet after the craziness of the last couple of days. 
Trail Run
Killington, VT
Distance: ~4.5 miles
Time: 50 minutes
Pace: 11:06
It felt so flat after so much up and down on Saturday. When I finished the run I talked to the guys as they broke down the course for a bit and thanked them for all the hard work over the past week. It is truly a huge effort to put on a race like this. I had a few more moments to myself before dinner.
Cleaning up ready to move on…
I had invited a few friends over for a casual dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was a great way to kick back and relax after the last two days. We sat around chatted and caught up on life and recounted the race. Of course we played with my new sword. We also checked out all the things people were saying out the race. It was awesome to see so many had such amazing experiences. Thanks Jess for the best blackberry crumble and all the company. Loved it all. The weekend overall was a great way to close up being 27. I can only hope 28 continues to grow as 27 has finished up. Thank you again Spartan Race crew for an amazing event!