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Day 65… By Land and By Water

Posted on August 11, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

After finishing up my last day of classes in Burlington it was time to settled back in at home. Recently, the nomadic feelings of constant travel had started to wear on me and I longed for my own bed. I am grateful for my sister and brother-in-law to let me sleep on their couch but in the end its not the same as my awesome bed. Yes, I like my bed a lot!

I got home plopped my bags in my room and decided not to waste a nice day and headed up onto the mountain for a run. I was about 1.7 miles up onto the mountain en route to the top of Bear Mountain when I got a phone call from a friend to go swimming. No not like the drink beer and hang in the water swimming the training kind. I turned around and took a short cut down the mountain. Many that just raced in the beast would recognize my route down as the end of the Spartan Beast course. This route takes about a bunch of distance off the trip down and in about 10 minutes I was back out of the woods grabbing my goggles.

Trail Run
Killington, VT
Distance: ~2.7ish
Time: 32:31

I hopped in my friends car a few minutes later and we were off to Woodard to get a recovery swim in. It felt nice to have the pressure off, literally, in the water. My joints and muscles enjoyed the cool water, while my lungs still enjoyed a tough workout. My swimming partner, Jason, I can safely say is a MUCH faster swimmer than I am. I can stay in his sight but he is able to open up the gap quickly if he wants to. It was nice to have a partner to push me to swim a little bit harder and faster. I can honestly say that my swim technique was much better than what I exhibited during the race over the weekend. I do actually know how to swim! After about 30 minutes we emerged from the pond. There really is nothing like a good swim!

Woodard Reservoir, VT
Distance: ~.75 Miles
Time: 28:01

A lot late on the post, dinner with friends prevented this from going up last night. As some might recall from one of the first days, life first, blog posts second. It makes for a good morning read.