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Day 66… Will Power

Posted on August 12, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

After weeks and weeks of mostly long slow runs I mixed it up today with some speed work and a little Will Power. I have to give you a background on Will Power. I did not think up this amazing sprint workout, which has been known to make a couple people puke, probably more than a couple. My lacrosse coach in college inherited this fun from her lacrosse coach in college. I have passed it down like a good family heirloom to my athletes I coach. Anyone who played lacrosse in our program knows and dreads this workout, now I do it for fun

Today’s Workout
Rutland High School, VT

Warm-up .75 miles
400 Meter Sprint – 1:22.3
400 Meter Sprint – 1:31. 2 (not nearly as fast)
Will Power: completed in 13:35

What is Will Power – I’ll try to explain it.
Equipment needed: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse field, and field that is a rectangle really.

You start out with a jog around the field, when you finish the jog you start in one corner and sprint one length of the perimeter, then jog the next three making a rectangle. Basically you are just running around the field. Your then pyramid up:

Sprint 1 Jog 3 lengths
Sprint 2 Jog 2
Sprint 3 Jog 1
Sprint 4 no jog
Sprint 3 Jog 1
Sprint 2 Jog 2
Sprint 1 Jog 3
1 Lap cool down.

I will tell you it is a KILLER, today I dedicate to Kully and the rest of my lacrosse teammates from college. May you remember this workout for the rest of your life. One of my current athletes came to video and time today’s workout. Thanks Kristie for the support. You are awesome!