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Day 67… On the Water

Posted on August 12, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Another week has gone by. I am not sure where this one went, everything since the Spartan Beast has been a blur. I am looking forward to finishing up my last bit of work for this grad school class and get back to my normal schedule, whatever that means at this point. As it is Friday, my scheduled day off and the day before a race my main focus is on hydration, laundry (sometimes I have to do the mundane things too) and getting a good nights sleep tonight.

Last night was a late night, as I was a guest on the Spartan Race Radio Show. Look for it on itunes and on the Spartan Blog in the next couple of days. You can hear about my experiences in the race and beyond that weekend. After a late night recording the show, I got up early this morning to follow my friend Jason around Woodard Reservoir for an hour and a half this morning. I was on my Versa Board (Stand up Paddleboard) and he was swimming, pretty mellow for me. He swam just over 2.75 miles in an hour and a half, I had the GPS. In case you didn’t know the ironman swimming distance is 2.4 miles. It’s a pretty substantial amount of swimming to do in one morning. 
Two loons were out on the lake this morning, it was such a peaceful way to begin the day. For the record I love loons, they remind me of my childhood spending summers in the Adirondacks and falling asleep to the sound of their echos. At one point I turned around and the loon was pretty close I think it was more interested in what the two of us were doing on the water at such an hour than anything else. Not many people are on the water just after 7:00am on a Friday. I enjoyed the scenery while plotting along.
Now it’s time to do final prep and hydration for tomorrow’s Warrior Dash in Windham, NY. I am running in the 11:00am heat if you are racing come look for me and say hello. Love to meet all my readers. For now spending some quality time with my water baby aka my Poland Spring Jug. Look for updates form Windham tomorrow.