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Day 73… Air Force & Pandora

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Katy Doing Her Thing!

This morning I got my workout from my badass friend Katy “I Do CrossFit In My Undies” McCabe. She Skyped me about this workout early in the week. She is an avid CrossFitter, avid! She told me about this workout entitled “Air Force” and told me I should give it a try. So I decided today I would take her up on the offer.

A note before I tell you about this workout. I first heard of CrossFit while working at my last job a couple years ago. We had a new group of coaches come in and they were obsessed with it, in a cultish way. Which honestly turned me off of the whole thing. I HATE when people force a belief system on me, even if it only is a workout. The all or nothing preaching of extremists drives me nuts, let each find their own way!
Quickly the gym I was used to at the school became a CrossFit gym and I was NOT happy to say the least. The cult of CrossFit was taking over all around me. I was old school, squat and bench girl with a few other exercises mixed in. Don’t fix what ain’t broke was my feelings at the time. I have carried this aversion for the past couple of years until recently when I have learned the merits of super sets and CrossFits.
They are a good workout. I am not a convert by any means, but on my lifting days they get the job done quickly and efficently although I am still not a convert to the cult. I don’t center my life around them and I am not ready to do a remodel of the gym next to my room. But back to today.
Slowly, I am coming around to it all. Katy gave me a challenge earlier in the week and I picked today to accept it. She said it was a killer and made her a lot more sore after the fact than she thought she would be. A lift that made Katy McCabe sore, alright I had to try this one! Now some of the moves in this workout I do not have a lot of practice with so I lowered the weight in order to get the form right. So I put the Pandora station on heavy metal and got after this one…
CrossFit “Air Force”
45lbs (modified weight)
“Start with 4 Burpees and perform 4 Burpees every minute on the minute”
20 thrusters
20 sumo dead lift high pulls
20 push jerks
20 over head squats
20 front squats
Total Time: 12:27
I added a second part to this workout, a little baby run to cool down and get a little bit of cardio in for the day. In the end it was really just a way to keep the blood flowing and avoid lactic acid build up. 
C/D Loop, on the road. 
Time: 00:21:30
Distance: 2.27 mi
So in the end, I don’t hate CrossFit, still not drinking the CoolAid and joining the cult. But thanks Katy for a killer workout to end the week. This one I will definitely be feeling tomorrow. Who knows maybe when we get into winter and I switch over to power mode from Cardio mode more CrossFits will make their way into my workouts. It is nice to get a killer workout in when you have very little time.

Thanks Katy “Kick Your Ass” McCabe for this one!