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Day 79… Meetings on the Run

Posted on August 25, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Devil’s Den – Yup Ran Down That

So after the day has come to an end and two workout sessions later, I have concluded, meetings should be conducted on the run, or at least hike and be measured in miles not in time. I say this as I had two workout sessions today in which time more stuff was accomplished than after hours at my desk.

My first workout of the day, which turned into part of a meeting was a run from Pittsfield to Killington with Joe (Spartan Race Founder). We talked about the race series and I gave my feedback after having raced in many of his races. He also gave me some helpful tips about my own running and help as I develop into an ultra distance runner. It was a great way to start the morning as the sun was coming up on Route 100 we were plotting along down the road talking the whole time.

Road Run
Distance: 9.99 Miles
Time: 1:40:16
Pace: 10:02
Elevation Gain: 1,268 ft
Elevation Loss: 202 ft

Matt Pulling Tape
After a few hours in my office it was time to go off to my second meeting/workout of the day. This meeting we talked about an orientation day Matt and I are planning for the students, faculty and staff the first week of school after Labor Day. I headed out to Pittsfield to pick up Matt and Rose brought them back to Killington and we set off on an adventure to relive the Spartan Beast Course, this time to sweep the course. I was armed this time with an array of snacks and water, no aid stations along the way this time. We turned my pack into a moving trash barrel lined with a heavy trash bag. Some markings and such had been left on the course and the three of us set off on an adventure. We did miss a few parts of the course, honestly couldn’t remember how we got to certain places were the taping had already been taken down. 

Oh the Sand Bags!

We had a great hike and Rose was psyched to see the course Matt and myself and other friends had race a few short weeks ago. She picked up a sandbag and couldn’t believe we carried it up the mountain. Honestly, I can’t believe we did some of the trails we did as I walked the course. I ran down Devil’s Den in the race! As we went along we pulled down markers and picked up a bunch of gu packets. To all those racing, please do not throw your wrappers and empty gu packets on the trail, someone will have to pick up after you! Overall, it was great and we had a lovely afternoon. The weather was perfect and the company was amazing. This time we enjoyed all the scenery around us. If you raced you probably missed all the cool rocks along the way in the woods, I know I did. This time we stopped and took in the beauty around us, no clip timing today!

Clean-up The Beast
Distance: 9.21
Time: 4:18:09
Pace: 28:01
Elevation Gain: 3,170 ft
Elevation Loss: 3,194 ft

Thanks to Matt and Rose who took what could have been a boring and tedious task and turned it in a great afternoon with company and friends. It was also great to get everything figured out with Matt. Like I said in the beginning all meetings should be conducted on the move!