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Day 86… A Bag of Truths

Posted on September 1, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Another day has passed here in NH. This morning a few of us got up and went for a short jog. My body wanted nothing to do with this jog, but I urged it to go anyways. I got about a mile and a half in a wave hit me, not of emotion but purely a physical sensation. My body was telling me to turn back and go home.

Instead of pushing through as I have done so many times before, I listened to my body. This was not a moment of weakness but a dose of reality. I have an extreme personality. Everything I put my mind to I fully invest in, I do not half ass life. For the past three months I have been so regimented in my training, I forgot to look around at the warning signs. Yes, the warning signs of burn out. Yes, this morning I felt the crispy edges ignite as my body rebelled with all its might.

As I slowly made my way back to campus, I cursed at my body. It should be able to do anything. But for now it needs rest, food, and some relaxing. So for the next couple of days my plans are going to be greatly altered as I figure out not only what is going on with my hometown but also let me body repair and rebuild.

To me rest is the hardest thing an athlete can endure. We all want to push through and want to break over the next wall. Between wearing down my body over the last couple of months and the gravity of the situation of home settling in my body and mind needs a vacation.

 Look for some posts over the next couple days but for now my training is taking a little bit of a break. A note not training doesn’t mean not active it just means for now things will be done for just the pure enjoyment and not what output is coming from them. Anyways I have a family sailboat race to win this weekend.