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Day 98 & 99… Recovery

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

So yes, I have been lazy with posts and I apologize to those who look forward to reading it each day. My body took more of a beating than I thought during the GORUCK Challenge and It took me a couple days to get myself back in alignment.

The GORUCK Challenge was the longest event I have done to date, it also was one of the most demanding physically and mentally. Although at no point in the challenge did it ever seem too much or too hard afterwards, a whole other story.

Physically, I was sore but mostly it was coming back after the sleep deprivation. That is truly the hard part, bodies being sore are easy. Take an Epsom salt soak, stretch, and eat some food in a day or two your body pops back, mentally when you get run down it’s harder to shut that down and rest especially when you have to continue with work and all other obligations.

I found myself getting more and more aggravated at the smallest of tasks over the last few days cursing out those around me under my breath. I am thankful I have friends who are willing to hear my bitching and go along with it. I could feel myself slipping and as work has ramped up this week all I wanted was to sit on the couch and sleep, until the night hours hit then sleep was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep over the last few nights as exterior life stresses kept creeping under my eyelids as I closed them each night. Exhaustion had set in.

These races and challenges were sleep becomes a factor, it is not the race itself which is hard it is the recovery. Mentally the GORUCK Challenge beat me down, not during, in fact while in it I felt as I could go on for hours, but days later I still had a hangover effect between the event itself and the stress of traveling there and back. Moving forward this is the true test, my mental ability to turn it around and switch out of my race brain and back into my work brain when Monday hits. For now this song had been reverberating in my head the last couple days.