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From a Distance

Posted on December 30, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Helping to crew a race while half way around the world, sound like a challenge. As many know my training partner Jason is currently competing in the Epicman in Hawaii, a triple iron distance. As much as I would like to be in Hawaii and help him I had to work as this is a huge week for coaching.

Triple Iron – 7.2 Mile Swim, 336 Mile Bike, 78.6 Mile Run

However, even though I am half way around the world and a silly amount of time zones away, I have become the virtual crew. His girlfriend, is his main crew in Hawaii and I have been on the phone and texting constantly since the race began. Along with twitter updates from the race director I have a sense of the race.

So what does a virtual crew do when you aren’t near the athlete at all, you Facebook update. So on and off until the race is over, I will be updating to his athlete page. It’s amazing in the age of technology I can update and disperse the information quickly without actually being there.

We are all wishing him the best of luck from the mainland in snowy Vermont. Keep pushing. He is currently 24 of 80 laps into the short loops of the bike part. Those competitors out there are amazing athletes, and inspiring to see what they can do. For now I just keep updating.