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Game On

Posted on January 29, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Sunday is one of my new favorite days of the week, first for the fact it is my one day off and second as it’s the Women’s Ski/Snowshoe day at Mountain Meadows. ¬†As well I have learned one thing after living in Vermont on and off for over a decade, when it’s sunny and warm in January, GET OUTSIDE. Today was the perfect storm of the two a morning off and sunshine.

I got to Mountain Meadows just before 10am. It was only Diane and I today. I think the fact we were snowshoeing may have scared some away. But to me it was a chance to try out my new snowshoes and take them for a spin. Diane who is incredibly fit herself and I headed out on the trails. We tackled the Black Snowshoe trail which they tell people should the about two hours and is just over a 5K – 6K. We were out and back in about an hour and twenty minutes. We kept a conversation pace the whole time, but kept moving. The trail brought us along some old stone walls and past an old cellar from a home long forgotten buried in the woods.

I had forgotten how much more energy it takes to snowshoe than just to run. At times it felt awkward having them attached to my feet. We covered a variety of terrain, everything from hills and woods to crossing a large ice covered pond. My snowshoes held up to the challenge. I would recommend the Dion’s to anyone who might want them. We ran little bits but most of the time it was a fast walk. I was so appreciative of Diane for heading out today even as it was just the two of us. I was just nice to get out and get moving and the sunshine always helps.

When we returned back I stepped out of the snowshoes and ran one of the Nordic skiing loops on the property to get in a few more miles for the day. I continue to say it but the woods lure me in each time. I love being deep with myself on the trail even if it is a Nordic skiing trail. As I finished up the run light snow began to fall from the ski, the sunny day was over and it was time to head back to work and prep for new arrivals to the school this afternoon. Now back to work.

Kent Pond, Killington, VT