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It’s Not About the Mileage

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

As I am almost a month away from being on this journey for the last year I am starting to realize what started out as a way just to get back into shape has turned into so much more. I look back at life a year ago and at times I don’t recognize the person who once was. Of course I am the same person but in many ways I am someone completely new.

It’s not about the mileage or the awards either. Everyone says it but it is so true. I often wake up and need to pinch myself to realize this is my life and I am really living it. I am not cocky enough to say I now know the secrets of the world or am a world-class athlete. It takes years to get even close to such levels, I am still in the beginning stages.

The physical changes are easy to measure, the lifestyle changes are evident, it is the internal changes that are harder to describe. For years I sat looking at all the things I wanted to do and it is through this past year that I gained the confidence to at least try. Will I succeed in all my endeavors? I would like to say yes but in reality we all fail at some point. Failing I am learning is just as important as being successful. If I enter a race and fail, I would rather know I tired and can go back and give myself a new goal to strive for. What happens if we always win? Do we really appreciate it as much as the person who failed a hundred times then wins.

I think at the end of the day the most important aspect of the journey are the connections, people and experiences. I am blessed to be surrounded by some truly exceptional people. I say it often but it cannot be overstated. My network of friends is incredible and many have been friends for years but it wasn’t until this recent shift in thinking that they sort of came back into my life.

It’s not about the mileage, if I were to write a book it would be titled such as truly my journey to this point isn’t about a race or an event it’s about the experience that accompanies it. I have learned that if we put the weight of the world on one race or one result we miss out on the whole experience. It’s taking the time to look around see the past self behind you and look forward to the future self. Along the way pulling a friend or two along for the next adventure. There is no finish line just another mountain and valley.