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No Numbers

Posted on December 26, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Originally, I started counting days and training for one purpose to lead up to World’s Toughest Mudder and since that race has ended and is almost put behind me. (I still have dirty clothing) I have thought long and hard about continuing counting days until the Death Race.

However, I recently had a thought. Why am I counting days, counting to what? Really what I do is less about getting ready for one race or another but its about life and living it. So at least for now the numbers are going away. No need to count the days. Instead of looking at each day to how it’s a stepping stone to the future I think its time to start enjoying each day for what it brings again.

There is a good chance I may count days again when prepping for my 50 miler in May or the Death Race in June but for the moment at least the next month or two, is Day 200 really all that different from Day 230. Not really to me anymore. My goals are constantly changing and evolving. I don’t see that singular end goal at the moment. Of course I have many goals I want to achieve and hope they can build on one another. But living really should be the ultimate goal, not one singular race or one singular moment.

So this is a different sort of post but more an explanation of how I feel and why a change in format. I hope everyone likes the new site. We are still tinkering with a few kinks, but look around enjoy and don’t worry I still have loads to write about.