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Nordic Fun

Posted on January 22, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

I use to have a great story about Nordic skiing (cross country skiing). The story I would tell people whenever asked if I Nordic skier was well I had skis as a kids but only for classic skiing. For skate skiing the last time I went was with an Olympian. Yup, true story, however that was before he was an olympian and he was just Andy Newell, one of my classmates in high school. Yes, the last time I had been Nordic skiing was when I was 14.

That day, I still remember was less than stellar. I fell a lot and remember taking my skis off and walking up a hill that I could not get up on skis. I have alpine skied since the age of 2 so putting on a pair of skis and not being able to do it immediately yeah, thats rough. I think there were tears that day shed at how horrible I was at this sport. Whoever invited Nordic skiing forgot to put the edges on.

Fast forward this initial disaster over fourteen years to well, today. Diane Miller one of the owners of Mountain Meadows Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Resort had posted about a women’s skiing day on Sunday mornings with a tip of the day. I had bought equipment earlier this year as a way to help with endurance in the winter. So today it was time to put aside the thoughts of my experience years ago and go for it again.

Tales from a newb… First lesson, look cool, no seriously I have enough gear that I can look like I might know what I am doing. So that one I had covered. Secondly, if you don’t know how to put on your skis, watch those around you. Yeah, I struggled for a bit then realized you have to lift the plastic piece on the binding to get locked in. Total newb, but still looked good. With my feet wobbly underneath me I pushed away from the shop with a few other women. Diane is probably one of the most positive people when it comes to beginners, she helped us along the way and kept it fun. She was encouraging us all along.

As we set off on the trails I know from disc golf in the summer we hit the first downhill and with the help of a fall missed going over the bank. Call me Grace, again no edges, not use to this one. Shook it off and told myself, Yes I am a beginner, it’s ok, do not expect great things. That was my mindset for the day and the women around were mostly at my level, thank god! We did some drills and worked on skating how to’s.

I now know what V1 & V2 mean in Nordic Skiing. Who knew there were different ways to skate! I am a much better V2 skier, I do not have the timing right for V1 just yet. It involves poling and pushing at the same time on one side. However, as the day went on it I realized this thing is fun. It’s a good workout, that I have always known and since my technique is well lacking, it’s an extra workout as I was told I was working too hard.

We skied for a couple of hours on a cold (8 when we started about 12 when we finished) but extremely sunny day. Great way to spend a morning and a good little cardio workout. I have the gear, I have the basic technique at least introduced to me, now I have no excuse than to go more. Looks like I found yet another way to pound on my body at least when the trails are too snowy to run. Thanks Diane for a fun day!