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Outside of the Comfort Zone

Posted on April 3, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

After spending most of the day hobbling around school. I was that sore after a photo shoot over the weekend in which I basically exercised for a couple hours. But that’s another story. It was a bluebird day and I had been inside all day, I needed out. Last night we got a couple inches of snow, sort of like a late April Fools joke. However, between the colors of the snow in the woods and the blue in the sky I was drawn outside to the trail. I knew this one was not going to be comfortable.

Many times we think of leaving our comfort zone as running a longer distance or lifting a heavier weight. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone isn’t a mental thing sometimes it’s just purely physical. As I made my way up the road before hitting the trail. I felt like I was jogging with a stick stuck up my you know what. I was so happy to hit the trail out of the sight of others. I slowly made my way up and up. Most of the time hiking punctuated a few running steps at a time. The trail is not technical, just my range of motion is that limited. Muscles sore to the touch I pressed on. The interesting this was for as sore as I was I was not in pain.

I continued to move ahead taking the time at this slower pace to take in my surroundings. I noticed the snow crunch under my feet. I saw the ice coming off the rocks. This slower pace made me recognize all that is around me. As I reached the top of the mountain. I was starting to feel a little more lose. I gingerly ran down the mountain, although I felt like I was flying in reality it was a slow jog. But it still felt good to be out, and sometimes that’s all it is.

I returned home about two hours after I left, a couple thousand vertical covered and about 6-7 miles. Although this was not a day of running to go in the books. The distance wasn’t all that impressive. It was a day I can say I got out there. I had all the excuses in the world why not to go out, but in the end put that aside, stepped out of the literal comfort zone and was able to experience a great time outside.

Today I truly feel like my hike was brought to you by my CW-X Compression Wear without it not sure if I would have made it the whole way. Also sitting in it now to help recovery so I can get out tomorrow and try again at the mountain.