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Schedule Changes

Posted on April 27, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Sometimes, we have to make changes. Life often comes up and tharwts are best laid plans. This weekend I was suppose to be at Hero Rush in Maryland. The event looks awesome an obstacle race designed and built by firefighters. Unfortunately, I need to remain in Vermont this weekend on some other business that will take me away from the blog as well most likely. I encourage you to check out this race as it has the opportunity to be something really unique and fun. If any DIYS readers are headed to this race would love to hear about it afterwards and get your review.

The other big announcement is I have changed distances for the Peak Ultra. My plan all along had been to complete my first 50 miler at the beginning of the season, however without proper training time and battling hip issues I am putting my ego aside on this one and will be competing in the 30 miler instead. I spent a long time thinking about what race would be the best for me and at this point to avoid risking injury I am going with what I know and what I am confident my body is totally capable of. It’s a long season ahead and I have my eye on a prize in September, so for this race I will be doing what many would call the JV race or the fun run in the ultra world. For me it will be just enough and knowing the race directors still incredibly challenging! Come join me in the 30 miler should be a great time!