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Slowly Moving the Wheel

Posted on January 7, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

The restless feeling sitting at your desk, the ache in your body from lack of motion, the feeling of running from room to room, means only one thing it’s time, time to get back into the swing of things. It’s just about that time of year to get back into training.

Unlike last year armed with enthusiasm and naivety of just how long the season would be I jumped in and fully submerged myself into my training, taking on double sessions a couple times a week and allowing only one true day off for each week of training. Where did it land me, but wet and shivering naked out in the cold not wanting to get back in the water with still two months left of competition. I limped through my last two months of competition, battling injuries and mental fatigue from the wake of starting a kick too early.

This year armed with that information I have started to take a deep look at my schedule and target the races that really matter and those in-between that I can put less pressure on and just go push hard and have some fun. My training is taking a little bit different approach as well. Instead of jumping right back in pushing hard months out from my first peak I am taking a different approach.

This time instead of going from 0-60 right away, I am easing back in slowing shifting the gears and taking a good look at my body where it is and where I want it to be before each race. I have taken about three weeks completely off, let my body recover, heal and get fat and happy. I haven’t been concerned with my diet, my activity level or really anything concerning training. I have mostly been eating and sleeping.

This week I could feel the urge to get back into at least some base level of activity. Twice this week so far I have hopped on the spin bike and started to get the legs moving. Tonight added in a little core and slowly feel myself wanting to get back into it.

I am still technically in my active recovery part of the season but at least I am ready to start thinking about the 2012 race season and this time I am going into it with a plan. It’s time to get the wheels turning and go into this season smarter to prevent the same outcomes as the end of this past season. For now it’s back to school in a sense and back to really planning out the year!