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Snow Day?

Posted on January 28, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Early morning, not by choice. At 5:30am the school called off classes for the day due to poor road conditions and actions plans had to be set in motion. I found myself in my office minutes after the wake-up calling families. One truth, I am a bear in the morning when woken up without notice early. It was nearly impossible for me to shake off the morning wakeup. If I know I am going to get up early its one thing but being rousted awake is another. What happens in a boarding school when you have a snow day. Basically, it involves spending A LOT of time in a building all day. The hike yesterday paid dividends today.

I did manage to sneak away to the gym in the afternoon with the intention of a long spin, however was constantly distracted and ended up having to get off the bike a few times in the span of about a half hour. Instead decided to take out some pent up emotions on some weights. Today: Bear Complex – the Katy McCabe favorite, although the weight I put up is nothing compared to her, but I try. However, I made it through the whole workout, shaking my way through the last couple.

After Bear Complex I still had some energy left to take out on the gym and mixed in a few other lifts, some agility with the speed ladder and finally finished off with some hanging knee-ups. Arms and legs shaking as I exited the gym. My training at the moment is about as focused as a roulette table. When I get in the gym I start the ball spinning and watch the square it ends up landing on. But for as unfocused it is I am actually starting to get some work in again.

It’s time to get serious again, time to look at the goals of next year and attack them strategically. Goal of 2012, no burnout! Good luck to all those racing this weekend and to the official start of the 2012 Spartan RaceRace Season! Many friends are competing there this weekend.