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Spin in the Dark

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

An early morning began out in Pittsfield, much of the training Jason and I are currently working on is more mental than physical. We had a discussion about fire and it’s means in life as well as some other topics before 5am. Early morning work projects happened and I was left to my own devises in the house.

After a STRONG cup of coffee, I went about bringing in wood for the fire, the same fire that keeps the house warm in the evenings. Then as the driveway is not only long but also steep and ice covered I took on another project. Pretty excited about my new weight vest, I was itching to put it on for a try. I pulled the vest over my head and secured it, went outside picked up an old rusty shovel and started my trek along the driveway. A couple spots were iceskating rink quality and I took the time to spread sand over the really dangerous patches to make my commute a little safer.

It was not until I was done and back inside that I realized how silly the whole thing probably looked if anyone could see what I was doing. A woman in a weight vest getting sand out of barrels and spreading it along the ice, only to shuffle back trying not to fall to get the next shovelful. I went inside laughing as to what it looked like.

Jason and I had planned on doing an all night snowshoe Thursday night but as it sometimes does, life had other plans and instead I ended up back at KMS on the bike spinning away into the evening. Halfway into my ride the timer on the gym lights went off and I found myself in the dark. Instead of getting off the bike and turning it back on I let the light of the moon guide the rest of the ride. My brain started to see shadows turn into figures that weren’t there, and I let the darkness allow me to focus on the spin and black out all the external world. It was almost like my own sensory depervation tank, the building was quiet and the moonlight was bright. After about an hour and a half no the bike I got off and headed off to sleep.