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Utah Fun with Spear Pig

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

I am determined to bring the game of Spear Pig to the masses! Ok this is not a normal post but we have been having so much fun with Spear Pig the last couple of days that it has to be talked about.


The rules are similar to that of HORSE or PIG you would play as a child only we use a spear instead of a basketball. The first person takes their best aim and it they hit the target and it sticks all other players must throw from the same position. If people miss they get a letter. When PIG is spelled out you are out of the game. This goes on until one person claims victory! It can really be played with any word but PIG is the best to start out with!


SPEAR PIG was created after dinner one night when myself and Forest Call returned home from dinner and decided to practice a few throws. As we progressed and it got closer to dark the creativity of the locations to throw from began to grow. I said, “next thing you know it will be like pig”. I got a smile from Forest and thus began Spear Pig!


With the upcoming Spartan Beast at Soldier Hollow, Utah it gave me a chance to hang out with my favorite obstacle racing family the Call’s. Hobie and his wife Irene had seen the video and their kids wanted to know what Spear Pig was about. We headed out to Hobie’s house to spread the game into all corners of the Obstacle Racing world. After new spears were built and a target was made we were off playing. This took Spear Pig to the next level!

Look in the next week or so when I am back in Vermont how you can get your own plans for both the wall, target and spear. So you can start playing Spear Pig in your backyard. It’s also great training!