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Working with Steve

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

I am way behind on blogs and have to admit at the end of the day last week writing a blog was the last thing my tired arms and legs wanted to do. So to remedy the situation I am pulling double duty this week and getting myself back on a plan.

Last Thursday I had my first session with Steve at Green Mountain Rock Climbing in over a month. He has been busy with summer kids programs and I have been busy with life changes. It’s been hard to make our schedules match up. So finally we made it work. I brought along a guest.

After I trained Chris Davis on Tuesday as we headed back to Pittsfield he remarked he didn’t think anything was hard for me. Which got my brain going as to how to prove him wrong. I contacted Steve and told him I wanted an extra hard workout this week. One thing about Steve is he always delivers!

As I walked in the gym with Chris following me I felt the house of pain ready to begin. I introduced Chris to Steve and I got to work while they talked. We started off with bouldering around the gym twice. Then the workout really started a nice 1000 meter row in four minutes, followed by a minute wall hang off the block, some throws of #20 and #25 pound plates across the gym, mixing in some Steve burpees with a cinderblock as well as dips and push-ups with the cinderblock. If that all wasn’t enough we finished out sets with carrying cinderblocks around the gym.

The sweat dripped down my face, as I rowed the grunts, yells and spit went everywhere, after each set I would step off the machine barely able to stand and move onto the next task. This was a good workout. We ended by day going to failure with both push-ups and sit-ups. Chris’s eyes grew wider and wider during the workout as he had never actually seen me push hard before, normally it’s me pushing him.

At the end of the workout I was shaking, I felt weak, but I felt amazing at the same time. Steve had completely delivered on what I had asked him to do and with two workouts in one day I was a happy camper! Although I got home and was barely able to move. Like I said I knew it was a good workout.