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You Had A Good Workout When…

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Late last night I walked into my room after over ten hours of driving from a four day business trip, my bed never felt so nice. Still fighting off the last pangs of this cold and need to get back into the swing of things after days away today’s post is brought to you by well YOU!

I posed the question on my Facebook page a little over a week ago, “I know I had a good workout when …”. Below some of you helped me answer that question.

I reach a state of total clarity and prospective…” ~Jamie Negron

I feel exhausted and exhilarated at the same time” ~Amie Marion

I can make a sweat angel while doing crunches or sit-ups” ~Jessica Wohlen

After leg day with my husband I have to scoot my feet to the truck because they are too weak for me to lift” ~Tina Heintz Taylor

I spend two hours feeling like I popped a lung.” ~Katy McManus

When it’s over I remember what I did, but not how. It’s like time stood still for a while.” ~ Kevin Burnett

I spend five minutes beside a trash can waiting to vomit” ~Douglas Spaulding

You can barely walk, it hurts to sit, and all you want to do is eat a ton and pass out on the couch!” ~ Gorilla Bars

One of my personal favorite from the day came from Alec Blenis, well known obstacle racer, “It takes five minutes to make my recovery drink because my hands are shaking.”

This question came to me after a workout where I found myself days later so sore that when I lifted my arms to put deodorant on it hurt, not only to live but to roll on the deodorant. So I leave you with the question today:

How do you answer the statement, I know I had a good workout when _____________. Look forward to reading your comments! Happy President’s Day