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Day 167 & 168… Hammer Time

Posted on November 22, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

It seems these days I have a lot of gear reviews todo. Tonight is another review of sorts. As many already know I received an order from Hammer Nutrition over the end of last week and because of its complexity I decided it needed a little extra attention. If you have been to a running race or bike race you have probably heard of Heed or seen the Hammer Nutrition logo as they are a staple at most endurance races.

I first came across Hammer and their product, Heed a few years ago when I jumped into a duathlon in a short lived attempt to be active. It was not until more recently that I realized the merits the product has. As I have gotten more and more into the world of endurance racing Hammer Nutrition has become more and more prevalent. I used it during my first ultra this fall, but it was crewing during the double and triple iron this fall that I really saw the benefits of this product and was sold. So when my shipment arrived on Friday I was like a kid in a candy shop. I opened the box and viewed each package with excitement. This is one piece in my nutrition puzzle for the upcoming World’s Toughest Mudder and to a lesser extent the Spartan Championship Heat in Texas. So you might ask what was in my Hammer Nutrition Shipment?
I received this in both the easy individual packs for when I my thinking is off and can’t figure out how much I should have at a time, and also in the economy size to fill in the flask for multiple packages at once. Basically each packet delivers 80-90 calories per serving. They are a rapid source of energy and for short distances (under 2 hours) can be used as a primary fuel and longer distances (over two hours) as a secondary tool. For me I really like the taste of them, and when I get sick of thicker gels, they are a great way to change it up. For me my favorites are Tropical, Apple-Cinnamon and the Montana Huckleberry. I like always having a few gels in my pocket to switch on and off with real food.
I have three different powders that arrived in this shipment, each has it’s own purpose and is formulated to help at different points in the race. Perpetuem and Sustained Energy are both great while racing and Recoverite for after the race.
Perpetuem is touted by Hammer Nutrition as “the fuel for extreme endurance.” It is suggested to be the primary fuel for races that are longer than two hours. The servings are based on body weight and each scoop of powder is equaled to 135 calories. So its a little heftier than the gels and offers not only carbohydrates but also protein and fats needed for longer distances. There are a few different flavors and the orange-vanilla is the best, but I have a few options when I get sick of each flavor during the race I can mix it up.  

“The original ultra fuel.” Sustained energy is a 7:1 product (carbohydrates to protein). It’s caloric amount is less than Perpetuem at 107 calories per scoop, although I always mix it boosting it way up. Why is protein so important for endurance races and ultra distances. It’s pretty simple actually after a while you are burning more than you can put in your body and you muscles actually start to eat themselves. I know a scary thought, but common for really long races. The best part of Sustained Energy is the fact it has no taste, you can mix it with another drink mix and flavor it however you like. This is a huge bonus when you get sick of one or two flavors you can mix it up with another drink. 
Basically, the two above I can rotate back and forth during the race as well, I have another drink with another company that I can rotate in. The nice thing about the Hammer products is they all work together and can be stacked on top of each other well. I do really like the Sustained Energy it is a personal favorite!
Receoverite is pretty straight forward and is a recovery drink. It’s not what I will be drinking while I am on the race course but you know I will be mixing it up on the way home. It helps with glycogen replacement, electrolyte replacement, and muscle tissue repair. It has 85 calories per scoop. They have a citrus flavor that is good along with Strawberry.
I have to preface that these are not my favorite but when I feel like I can put down anymore fluids I can turn to the solids to give me what I need in terms of nutrition the same as perpetual but when I feel like I can’t drink anymore. The serving size on these are three tablets contain 100 calories. My plan with these is to have a pack with me at all times to be able to pop one if needed along the way. They come in the same flavors as Perpetuem.

I can say if there is one thing from Hammer Nutrition you wanted to get these would be it. I seriously fell in love with Endurolytes at my ultra. They are a great way to get electrolytes into your body during a race lasting longer than two hours or in the summer time when it is a hot and humid race. I don’t think I will ever not have a bottle in my race day bag from now on. These caplets give you all you need to stem off the race day demon known as cramping.  I start taking these before I race and then while I am racing for longer distances. They are a key to help when the race is long and its hard to keep putting enough in through things like Gatorade.
These capsules serve one purpose and one purpose alone, remove excess ammonia from cell pathways. Why might you ask do you want to get rid of ammonia in your system, well simply it messes with glycogen production (energy). It also helps stem off some cramping and helps you to continue on and race past the 20th hour. It also provides the nutrients needed to help you push that extra little bit.


Overall, I like these products and as I have introduced more and more into my training I have liked the company more and more. They do a great job with customer service and are based in the town in Montana I lived in for a little while. Whenever I have a question they are quick to answer it when I call and are super helpful and knowledgable about the products. I also enjoy talking to someone in Montana. They are not a cheap product but as you know you get what you pay for and they really make a great product that is easy to stand behind. All of their products are based on your weight so as a smaller female it is nice to know I can make everything customized to exactly my needs and not some big burly 200lb football player. I need a lot of calories but not that many. I do have one last parting gift for you as readers and that is if you are interested a discount on your first order. 
If you click —HERE—- and order you will receive 15% off your first order. Not a bad deal when you are looking to try out a product. As with any new product DO NOT try it for the first time on race day and remember just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it works for all. Although this is a product I like spreading the word on. If you are at World’s Toughest Mudder you will definitely see me with a fair amount of Hammer Nutrition going into my body along with a few other tricks I have up my sleeve.