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Day 80… On the Bike to Nowhere

Posted on August 25, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Hurricane Irene

After a nice 19 mile day yesterday it was time to take it a little easier. As Hurricane Irene seems to be barreling towards us, I am easing back. I have been pushing it hard this week. My body was a little sore from all the climbing yesterday. So today was pretty much a recovery day from the earlier parts of this week.

I had an amazing lunch with a bunch of my lacrosse players who had just graduated from high school and are all off to college tomorrow before Hurricane Irene pounds us in the East Coast. The girls are all nervous and excited as they will be starting a new chapter of their lives tomorrow. I wish them all the best!

For me my workout this afternoon was pretty easy and basic. I hoped on the bike and went for a spin for 30 minutes to break up the lactic acid from yesterday. Biking to nowhere, pretty boring but a good recovery. Finished off the workout with 10 negative pull-ups, holding each one for 10 seconds. Nothing too rigorous. Today was an active recovery. I realized since last week I didn’t get a recovery day and pushed it hard an active rest day would be ok. It’s a boring workout but what my body needed today. I am paying close attention to what my body is telling me as I am nearing almost three months straight of hitting it pretty hard!


So the race I was suppose to do this weekend got moved because of Hurricane Irene, unfortunately it got moved to Saturday and I have a wedding to go to that day. No Reach the top of Vermont for me this year! Pretty bummed. HOWEVER! I do have one exciting announcement to add. I will be racing the PA Spartan Sprint, on September 10. It’s going to be a trek but I am headed down to PA for the race! Hope to see a bunch of you Spartan Chicks and Dudes there. This Spartan Chick will be representing!