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How to Listen to a Podcast

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Margaret Schlachter


Recently when I announced I would be starting a podcast to my family my sisters were excited, my parents ended up needing a half hour explanation of what a podcast was and more importantly how they could support their daughter. They, of course, had heard the word podcast as my sisters and I talked about our favorites for years and probably had heard one or two with us in control of the radio on a long drive. But still never had downloaded or listened to one on their own device.



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The term podcast comes from the word iPod +Broadcast = Podcast. A simple way to think about it is a radio show on demand. The range of topics are vast and you can find anything from podcasts on kittens to the latest world news and beyond. For those who already listen to talk radio or public radio, it is an on-demand version of this traditional form of entertain and education.

As a self-proclaimed technology nerd myself it hadn’t occurred to me that others hadn’t caught on to the joys of podcasts. For years podcasts have been my friend on long runs, car rides, plane trips, and have gotten me through many deep cleans in my house.  They have become a way of life in our house replacing television and bad radio stations.



podcastAccording to Edison Research’s annual Infinite Dial survey about 36% of Americans (or 98 million) said they had listened to a podcast in their latest research released in March. While that number is up 11% from the year before it still leaves a lot of the population outside of podcast land.

Just this morning another friend sent me a message saying her friend asked how they could find and listen to podcasts. Clearly, the range is not as far as many of us would like to think. With this in mind, here are a few steps to finding and listening to podcasts (including hopefully the Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast)



If you own a smartphone, congratulations you are halfway there to listening to podcasts. If you own a computer or tablet the same applies, although a smartphone is more portable than most computers. Let’s break it down on how you can get on the podcast train…

With an Apple Product


With an Apple product finding a podcast is simple and easy to search with the click of a few buttons from iTunes or directly on your iPhone or iPad. It is literally loaded onto your device when you receive it.

In iTunes

When you log into iTunes on the top left side you have a dropdown for podcasts offering you a chance to find whatever you might want to listen to including popular radio shows on demand.

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You can simply search for a podcast or topic you want to hear.

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Like my podcast:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.04.54 PM

Once you are there you can either subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode or under the “price” grab the episode you want to hear. Download the episodes and listen away while you work around the house. If you are like the growing number of podcast listeners you are doing so from your phone or tablet it’s even easier.

On an iPhone

Find the Podcast Icon on your home screen… (it’s automatically there)


From there open the app. You will be directed to “my podcasts” currently loaded. I have a ton and keep a lot of unplayed ones on my phone so on long trips, plane rides, or chores around the house I have an array to listen to and binge on when I want.


To use RadioWest for example which is a Public Radio show I have subscribed to in case I miss an episode. It automatically downloads to my phone when I am connected to the internet so I can catch up after the fact. But let’s try to find the Dirt in Your Skirt podcast… See the blue circled button, tap on that to open a search menu.


Once you have searched for the podcast or topic podcasts will show up fitting your interest. Click on the podcast to bring up all the episodes. Using Dirt in Your Skirt as an example click on the podcast itself circled in the photo above.


This will bring you to the podcast page. Here you can subscribe (circled in red) and never miss an episode or you can click on the cloud icon to download individual episodes (circled in blue). After you download a few episodes put on your headphones, pull into your aux jack in your car or Bluetooth and listen away.


On Androids and Other Devices:


While personally, I find iTunes is one of the easiest ways to listen to podcasts online as an iphone, iPad, and McBook Pro user.  It is not the only place to find podcasts and using an Android or other devices you can choose from an array of applications. Other free popular apps for podcasts are Stitcher Radio, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, or paid apps like Pocket Casts (IOS only) and Overcasts. Your options for listening are vast and most of the most popular podcasts you will be able to find on any of the above-mentioned players.

Find more apps and advice: 

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Each app will be a little different in the configuration of the buttons but you will go through the same process as listed above. Hope this helps you get into the world of podcasts and find the enjoyment we have in our household listening to an array of information over the years.


Good luck on your podcasting journey. In the comment section below share your favorite podcasts and where you find yourself listening to them. 



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Stitcher Radio

Sound Cloud