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Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Valentine’s Day is a day either we look forward to or look forward to it’s end. Many many years for me I have been in the camp where I try to make the day end as quickly as possible. This year I am not in this camp but have spent enough time hunkered down in my tent on this side that I appreciate all those who can’t wait for it’s end. So today, I tailored posts

Singles this one if for you, Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day

In a relationship here you go, Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day

Overall, it’s still just Tuesday and it’s another day that most of us will head off to work and go about our regular lives. I challenge everyone whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day to have a little extra love in your heart for those around you. It’s amazing to see what a mindset change can do to the day and those around you.

My last thing to share for today is from the Spartan Race in Arizona, Hobie and Irene Call ran the entire race tethered together for Valentine’s Day. Not only are they fantastic people but you can see how much they love each other in the video. Still hate Valentine’s Day watch the video to see them climb up a rope together!