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Thanks for visiting my coaching page. I have been coaching athletes and professionals for over a decade and a half. With my passion for service only continuing to grow.

In the last fifteen years, I have coached hundreds of athletes and consulted with numerous companies helping each person and business achieve their specific goals.

I learned my greatest skill in coaching is weaving your inner passions with your external world. I offer Life/ Sport Alignment Coaching.




Life/Sport Alignment Coaching


Do you look at some athletes that seem to do it all? They are the moms who are on podiums on the weekend at races. They seem to be able to do it all with grace and ease. Conquer your own self-doubt on the course and in life with a Life/Sport Alignment Coach. Reconnect with yourself in nature and explore how it opens the door to your inner fervor for life.

My coaching brings together over a decade and a half of experience weaving your inner passions in sport and life into your external world to create an aligned and passionate life. The life you are stoked to live each day! I offer one-on-one sessions to help you reach your sport and life goals while keeping it all in balance.

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I have studied sports psychology, strength and power training, sports nutrition, esoteric traditions, traditional healing, wilderness safety and skills, goal setting, mindset training, and injury prevention. I have applied these skills to my coaching for over fifteen years. No matter your goals I can help you improve your life.


How Personal Coaching Works?


I work with clients to get to the root of their desires and goals and build from that foundation to create a life they are stoked to live. My aim is to assess your goals and create a whole life program around your needs and desired outcomes. I offer Skype or phone strategy sessions.


How to get Started?


Book a 15-Minute Free Consultation! 


Schedule Appointment


In our initial consultation, we will chat about your goals, your expectations, my offerings, and spend the time making sure we are a right fit for each other. Coaching is all about relationships and I want to make sure I can offer you the tools you need.


How Much?

15-30 Minute Initial Consult – Free

30-Minute session – $150.00

One-Hour Session – $200.00

90 – Minute Session – $250.00


Exclusive – Limited to 5 Clients

Personalized 360 Degree Coaching – email for more details and pricing.


Personal Coaching Testimonials


“As a coach, Margaret is the ‘complete package’. She has the enthusiasm, patience, energy, knowledge, personality, and experience that are needed to work with all people.”

– Carrie A.

“It is easy to describe Margaret as an upbeat, encouraging, and knowledgeable coach. Her relation skills with all of the players, and I especially, are incredible. I jumped at the opportunity to participate at a national level, with Margaret as my coach. Our team went undefeated, undoubtedly because of strong leadership.”

– Kate K.

“My experiences with Margaret have taught me to always believe in myself and keep pushing forward. No Matter where you come from, all you have to do is set your mind to something and go. When things get hard, and success is looking like a long shot, you have to trust in your abilities and commit. She always told me at the start to recite my three C’s: calm, cool, collected. I still recite them to this day when I’m in a stressful situation at work or in life. It continually brings me success and confidence. Margaret’s lessons have carried me very far and thanks to her, I have accomplished goals I once never thought possible.”

– Kelly A.

Professional Client Testimonials


“Margaret brings an empathy and understanding to her consulting work that is unmatched. She will ask pointed questions to help you fine-tune your vision and help you set a path to achieve the goals you set not only as a brand but as a person. She also is committed to helping you find solutions for any road blacks that you are facing. If you are looking to redesign your brand or your career path she will be an invaluable resource for you.”

– Bonnie Wilson, Founder of Zombie Running Princess


“Margaret is extremely skilled on the technical side of things, from your website to your social media to monetize your podcast. But the reason you want to work with Margaret over anyone else is that she will help you find your why. I was dissatisfied with the direction my podcast was going. With just a few questions, she was able to get to the heart of why I started podcasting, and help me rebrand to something I’m excited about again. Margaret’s insight cut right to the core of my podcast and made the best parts of it shine.”

– Chrisella Herzog, Founder WhiteHat Media






Masters of Education Leadership – University of Vermont

Bachelors of Science in Business Management – Babson College

*Specialities Business Management, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship


Coaching Certifications:

Brain By Design Course, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Spartan SGX Certified Coach, Former United States Ski and Snowboard Association Level 200 Coach –  strength and conditioning, sports psychology, training programming, and event management, Former USSA Level 2 Official; US Lacrosse Level 1 Coach, Wilderness EMT, and Wilderness First Responder.