Thanks for visiting our coaching page. I have raced and coached athletes for most of my life. Coaching has been a passion of mine since I started at 19-years old. I learned what I was really teaching was not how to get faster but how to conquer the mental hurdles we all face in sport and in life.

Over the years my coaching has evolved and today I offer a holistic approach to leading a healthy and balanced life. Some call it life coaching. However, I feel like I am a facilitator helping YOU uncover what is under the surface.

My coaching brings together over a decade of experience and weaving together traditional food wisdom, mindset training, and goal setting to offer clients one-on-one sessions. No matter your needs we can accommodate them.

I have studied sports psychology, strength and power training, sports nutrition, esoteric traditions, traditional healing, goal setting, mindset training, and injury prevention and applied this to my coaching over the past decade. No matter your goals I can help you improve your fitness and life.


How Coaching Works?

I work with clients to get to the root of their issues and build from that foundation. My aim is to assess your goals and create a whole life program around your needs and desired outcomes. I offer Skype or phone strategy sessions.


How to get Started?

Want to get started? Contact me through the website with your information and details about why you are seeking a coach.

Contact Me


How Much?

30-minute session – $100.00

One-Hour Session – $150.00

90 – Minute Session – $200.00

Personalized Whole Life Coaching – email for more details and pricing.


“As a coach, Margaret is the ‘complete package’. She has the enthusiasm, patience, energy, knowledge, personality, and experience that are needed to work with athletes.”

– Carrie A.

“It is easy to describe Margaret as an upbeat, encouraging, and knowledgeable coach. Her relation skills with all of the players, and myself especially, are incredible. I jumped at the opportunity to participate at a national level, with Margaret as my coach. Our team went undefeated, undoubtedly because of strong leadership.”

– Kate K.

“My experiences with Margaret have taught me to always believe in myself and keep pushing forward. No Matter where you come from, all you have to do is set your mind to something and go. When things get hard, and success is looking like a long shot, you have to trust in your abilities and commit. She always told me at the start to recite my three C’s: calm, cool, collected. I still recite them to this day when I’m in a stressful situation at work or in life. It continually brings me success and confidence. Margaret’s lessons have carried me very far and thanks to her, I have accomplished goals I once never thought impossible.”

– Kelly A.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Spartan SGX Certified Coach, Former United States Ski and Snowboard Association Level 200 Coach – studied strength and conditioning, sports psychology, training programming, and event management, Former USSA Level 2 Official; US Lacrosse Level 1 Coach, Wilderness EMT, and Wilderness First Responder.