Ep. 98 – Rosanna Kuit – Solo Biking the Carretera Austral


Rosanna Kuit is a 28-year-old living in southern England. She is self-employed transporting horses around the UK and Europe as a lorry driver.

Rosanna got hooked on obstacle racing in 2014 but knee issues have made it tough at times to compete. After her latest knee surgery in June 2017, she decided she wanted to cycle the Carretera Austral through Chile to Argentina. She bought a bike on eBay and set off in November for her two-month adventure.

When home she enjoys hiking all over the place with her dog (I’m obsessed with my dog) and she recently did Mountain Leader training.  We recorded this podcast shortly after her return from her two-month solo bike trek.



Ep. 98 – Rosanna Kuit


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Product Review: Solgar Curcumin Supplement


What do you know about Curcumin?

If you are anything like me, at first you say “no idea” then you google it. Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by some plants, the one most are familiar with turmeric. Turmeric has long when used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and a powerful anti-oxidant.

Turmeric extracts or adding turmeric to drinking, making golden tea, and other foods have been making their way into the health food market for years. A couple quick searches online will find you a host of articles (some better than others) talking about the benefits of Curcumin and Turmeric. Articles like:

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Recently, I was shipped a 30-day supply of Solgar’s Full Spectrum Curcumin. A supplement that one the package says 185% greater bioavailability and a 24-hour supplement. I went and did a little research to where this claim comes from and it seems most of the information comes from this 2014 peer-reviewed research. In which the patented NovaSol was tested against other curcumin supplements.

The separating factor or NovaSol which is what makes up Solgar’s product is working with the curcumin extract from a fat-soluble to water-soluble through their patented process. This allows for the supplement to stay in the bloodstream longer as compared to many of its counterparts. Additionally, making it water-soluble allows for greater bioavailability making it so you can take it once a day.

So as a reasonably healthy thirty-something year old why take this supplement. Well, first it doesn’t seem like it is going to hurt you. Most of us because of diet, stress, or other environmental factors carry some level of inflammation in our bodies. For me, this is something I have been monitoring a lot in the last couple of years. Early research is pointing towards a host of diseases possibly linked to inflammation. Two of those things I am interested in is aging and brain function. While a ton more research needs to be done there are indications that inflammation in the body and aging can be linked. Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks briefly about it here:

Inflammation is increasingly being considered central to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and an important risk factor for vascular disease. Systemic inflammation may be regarded as accelerating the atherosclerotic process. Systemic levels of soluble inflammatory mediators such as C-reactive protein (CRP) have been associated with cardiovascular risk in the general population. CRP, or more specifically high sensitivity-hsCRP, is a marker of systemic inflammation that has been identified as a valid biomarker of cardiovascular risk.” –  Autoimmunity Review

So basically it comes down to finding ways through diet, exercise, stress relief, and lifestyle changes to decrease inflammation in our bodies to live longer and healthier. So why not try to find ways on top of lifestyle changes to help this measure.

Thus, I was intrigued by SOLGAR’s Curcumin product as I am already a fan of using turmeric and have been known to make my own golden milk. SOLGAR’s Curcumin has won awards for the product and looked interesting. A more critical review can be found here.

Testing it Out

So I went ahead and took SOLGAR’s Curcumin supplement. Initially, I did not feel any particular effects either way. Some have said it caused gastrointestinal issues. I had it with a meal and did not feel any side effects.

Over the course of a week, I took it daily. While I can say I felt a little less achy in those places that are prone to joint pain thanks to years of destroying my body in sports. I can’t say it is a miracle supplement. However, if you have been looking for a curcumin supplement the Solgar brand seems to be a good one.

The best place to find it is online on Amazon or a specialty health food store. Overall, Solgar’s Curcumin is a good product and one worth checking out if you are in the market for it. With any supplement make sure you talk to your healthcare practitioner before starting a new supplement.


This post is meant for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of your healthcare practitioner. Seek advice from your doctor before trying a new supplement. 
This product was sent to me for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. The thoughts on this product are my own and were not influenced by the company. 


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Ep. 97 – Ariella Daly – Practicing Shamanic Beekeeping


Ariella Daly is a beekeeper, musician, and storyteller. She teaches natural beekeeping, dreamwork and women’s workshops utilizing European shamanic practices. A student of the Path of Pollen, she has studied honey bee shamanism and the way of the Melissae for the past 8 years in the United Kingdom. Ariella developed an interested in earth-centered traditions at an early age, which led her to study the myth and folk wisdom of her Celtic heritage. She utilizes her skills to address nature-deficit in our society and to empower people to connect deeper with themselves and the land through beekeeping.


I invited Ariella on the podcast after listening to her story on another podcast. What drew me to hear was her Instagram handle – @Beekeepinginskirts. How could I not have her on the podcast!?! We had a fascinating conversation about her connection with bees and how they helped save her life.

While the Path of Pollen classes have been criticized in certain circles and the book the Shamanic Way of the Bee has an interesting past to it, Ariella tells her story and her truth in relation to healing, bees, and shamanic work.


Ep. 97 – Ariella Daly


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Website – www.honeybeewild.com

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/beekeepinginskirts

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Foraging Recipe: Stinging Nettle Chips


It’s springtime and many places in the world springtime means stinging nettle season. Nettles most often referred to as a weed is a common plant in many parts of North America and around the world. Last spring in England it was everywhere which made finding a camping spot at Rat Race Dirty Weekend a little more interesting.


If you have never encountered stinging nettle before your first touch can be painful. Nettle, Urtica Dioica, has been known to be used by people dating back to Ancient Greece. Nettle is a perennial plant that shows up in early spring and then sticks around through early fall. However, did you know stinging nettle is a vitamin-packed food and has been used for ages for its medical properties?


Benefits of Stinging Nettle


Stinging Nettle is known for its nutrition packed in a small bite. It has a relatively higher level of crude protein (33.8%), crude fiber (9.1%), crude fat (3.6%), total ash (16.2%), carbohydrate (37.4%), and relatively lower energy value (307 kcal/100 g) as compared to wheat and barley flours. (source)


Stinging nettle has a long history used in traditional medicine dating to medieval times, there are stories of it used in Buddhism, the Ancient Greeks wrote of it. This one weed has a long history with people.

In modern times Stinging Nettle has been tested and shown to help cardiovascular health (source), prostate health and urinary issues (sourcesource, sourcesource), hayfever (source), joint pain and inflammatory conditions (sourcesource), bleeding (source), and burn wounds (source), possibly even help with type 2 diabetes (source). Additionally, people have antedotally found it to help:

promote hair growth
boosting immune system
supporting adrenal health
supporting thyroid health
preventing and treating diarrhea
decrease menstrual flow
provide asthma relief
treat hemorrhoids
treat insect bites
relieve tendonitis
promoting skin and nail health
treating acne
healing eczema

But as with any herbs you need to see what works for you and this article doesn’t substitute a visit to the doctors. But with all that in mind, it’s worth investigating more.


Stinging Nettle in My Life


When I was a kid in the Adirondacks there were places in the woods I would not venture due to stinging nettle patches. I didn’t know the benefits of the plant and just thought of it as a weed. It was only in the last couple years I learned to embrace this little plant and actually cultivated it from seed in my backyard. I might be one of the only people who purposely grow stinging nettle.


Anyways, I learned a few years ago about the benefits of Stinging Nettle tea and got into the whole idea of foraging your own tea. My aunt gave me the best Ginger Stinging Nettle Arnold Palmer when I was on Bainbridge Island once. Still, remember the ginger nettle flavor.


You can easily pick up stinging nettle tea at the grocery store but there is nothing like fresh leaves and knowing where your food comes from. It’s also available as a tincture, infusion, or capsule. It can be eaten as a vegetable (a quick bit of heat kills off the sting) or some even juice it. Cooked nettle is a great source of vitamins A, C, protein, and iron.


Doniga Markegard who was on the podcast, episode 73, posted on Instagram this spring about making nettle chips. Think kale chips but made with nettles. I was intrigued. So I patiently waited until our stinging nettles got a little bigger and decided to make my own. Someone on the post asked what she did to make the chips and she replied, “some olive oil, vinegars, hippie dust, and salt”.


This morning I headed out with a glove on to not get stung by the nettles and picked a bowl full. I then went into the kitchen and decided to give it a try for myself. Below is my version of the recipe:


Stinging Nettle Chips


A bowl of Harvested Stinging Nettle

Olive Oil

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Braggs Liquid Aminos (or Soy Sauce)

Nutritional Yeast aka Hippie Dust

Salt and Pepper


Parchment Paper


Heat your own to 200F degrees. While the oven is heating lightly coat the nettles with olive oil (about 1-2 tablespoons). Add about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and about a teaspoon of liquid aminos, when the leaves seem to be mostly coated sprinkle some nutritional yeast (I didn’t measure and added more when I didn’t think I used enough). Then cracked a little bit of salt and pepper on top.

To mix it all I used a spatula, Doniga used a wooden spoon. So use what you have. On a large parchment paper lined pan I gently laid out each leaf. I used a spatula and spoon to get them all flat. Then popped them in the oven for about 45 minutes. At about 15 minutes in I would check every 5 to 10 minutes to make sure they were crisping up.

When they were crisp I pulled them out and my husband and I ate the whole bowl at once. Pretty simple and a new way for me to get the benefits of stinging nettle.


*This post is not meant to give medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Please check with your doctor before making adjustments to your health routine or diet.*
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Ep. 96 – Kate Phillips Talks the State of the Cannabis Industry in America Today



Kate Phillips is the manager of Theory Wellness, located in Bridgewater, MA. She has worked in a variety of roles within the legal Massachusetts cannabis market. In 2014 Kate founded the Boston Chapter of Women Grow, also serving as Co-Chairman of the Boston Chapter for the women’s professional networking group. She holds prior experience as an emergency medical technician and has an educational background in chemistry and nursing sciences. Kate’s professional and educational history informs her data-driven, holistic approach to addressing patient ailments.


Kate Phillips joins the podcast this week to talk about the fasting growing (pun not intended) industry in the United States today, the Cannabis Industry. Kate is not only an industry expert but also shares her own personal story in this extended interview. We sat down in her apartment outside of Boston, Massachusetts to talk about the state of the industry in Massachusetts as well as how it compares to other states, finally how it all fits into federal regulation.


If you ever wanted to know what it is like for someone in the industry this podcast is for you. Also, we dive into how strains get named, the genetics behind them, testing before products hit the market, and how she gets paid to work in this industry as a manager of a dispensary.


As CNN Money reported in January 2018, the cannabis industry was a $9 billion dollar industry in 2017. It is projected to be an $11 billion dollar industry in 2018 and possibly a $21 billion dollar industry in 2021. Over 121,000 Americans are currently employed today in this green industry and are one of the fastest growing job sectors.


Recently, big money has had their eye on the cannabis industry with Here and Now the NPR show doing a 10-minute piece on the industry and business relations. While the plant remains on the Schedule 1 list federally at the state level it is quickly becoming a huge industry. Currently, as this podcast is released 9 states and Washington D.C. have legalized adult use consumption, 30 states have medical programs, and 16 states have CBD only programs (learn about CBD from Episode 79) only four states currently have no cannabis programs.

Here is Utah just this week voters gathered enough signatures to have medical cannabis on the November 2018 ballot for voters. So overall this is a fascinating time for the industry and having the opportunity to chat with an expert was a pleasure.



Episode 96 – Kate Phillips




CANNABIS Sheet – What is the Plant

Tracking Sheet for New Patients

History of the Word “marijuana” 

The U.S. legal marijuana industry is booming – CNN Money
Medical marijuana push spreads to Utah, Oklahoma
NPR – Here and Now –  Report on Cannabis and Wall Street

Terpenes Explained

Industry Resources


Safe Access Now

State by State Medical Cannabis Laws



Find Kate:

Theory Wellness

Instagram: @yourfavoritedabmom


Facebook: facebook.com/YourFavoriteDabMom

Email: yourfavoritedabmom@gmail.com





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