Gratitude for the Little Things in Life


Gratitude Journals, that thing that you hear every self-help guru, high performer, and many athletes talk about. Between gratitude journals and meditation, you would think that the world did not function without them.


For a long time, I was pretty hesitant to have a gratitude journal. It all sounded so woo and honestly kinda stupid. But in the last couple of years, I have been embracing the woo and looking at what it really is when I think something is stupid. What I have come to realize is what I was labeling stupid was actually just me being afraid of it.


What if I can’t think of something to be grateful for every day? 

What happens if my gratitude journal isn’t good enough?

Do I really have to do this thing twice a day? 


The list of questions and most of them personal fears underneath. But I vowed to make some changes in 2018, incorporate more self-care practices and as of February 1, 2018, started a gratitude journal. After looking around the internet for the “right one” I found The 5-Minute Journal.

While many get turned on by celebrity endorsements, for me it actually makes me look for alternatives. Maybe I just always want to be indie and go to my own beat. But either way after an afternoon looking at various journals I came to The 5-Minute Journal to fit my lifestyle, simple, easy, and straight to the point.


What have I learned since starting?


The little things. When I flip through the pages of my journal the things that I am most grateful for daily are the little things, my pets, a healthy meal, a good night’s sleep, and finally friendship in all it’s forms.  I wrote yesterday about what it means to be healthy in ReThinking What it Means to be Healthy. When I look at the gratitude journal I find myself grateful for many of the areas which I identified in the parts of my healthy pie.


At the end of the day, being grateful for the small things in life I find the most rewarding. Like recently on a friends weekend, at the end of the day, I was most grateful for laughing my ass off with a friend. Like nearly on the ground laughing. Gratitude comes from the little things in life, not just the big blockbuster events.


I write this quick post not just as a reminder to myself that the things I think are stupid sometimes are what I need most. If it resonates with you let me know. What self-care practices do you have? 

Margaret Schlachter

About Margaret Schlachter

Margaret Schlachter is Founder of She has been part of the OCR Community since 2010. When not working on the next article she can be found running from race-to-race. She is Editor-in-Chief of She authored the book Obstacle Race Training.
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