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Weinberg Out of Peak Races and Death Race

Posted on August 19, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

In the ongoing drama of the post the summer Peak Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont it seems the next stage of the game has commenced. Right after the 2014 Summer Death Race concluded co-founder Joe De Sena sent Obstacle Racing Media a letter saying the Death Race was over. Andy Weinberg the other co-founder and co-owner of Peak Races quickly responded on social media saying the opposite. He responded in groups saying the race would go on and linking the registration page to people. He also responded to Obstacle Racing Media. I wrote my own thoughts on the situation – Death of the Death Race. Many through this was a well planned out marketing plan to get more people on board for 2015 others say it as an end of an era. This was all in early July and it seemed until recently it had all died down a little until yesterday.


Yesterday a new Facebook page started to float around the Death Race Community called The Endurance Society run by Andy Weinberg and Jack Cary. The Endurance Society‘s website is sparse except for one video for their Sine nomineTM event which has the same date as the 2015 Death Race. The Mission stated on the Facebook page,

“Co-founded in 2014 by Andy Weinberg & Jack Cary, the mission of The Endurance Society is twofold: To create unique, life-changing, and mind-blowing experiences for adventure enthusiasts, and to utilize our members for community involvement through volunteerism.

Simply stated, we create one-of-a-kind endurance events, and we organize exceptional human beings to make the world a better place.”


In addition the page also commented this to one of the posted comments,

The Endurance Society has a number of events which are operated sub rosa (under the rose). The organizers, staff, and all attendees, past and future, are sworn to complete secrecy by a legal gag order. Media coverage, blogs, websites, books, products, advertising, marketing, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, spectators, public discussion, and the like are prohibited. We ask that you do not ask about sine nomine (without name) or any private event organized by The Endurance Society.

It seems one of the things this new venture for Weinberg and Cary are moving away from the media craze some have seen over the past couple of years with the Death Race. Many are already excited about this event but don’t expect to hear about it soon. 


This morning the heat turned up even more when Peak Races posted this,

“The 2015 Summer Death race in ON!

Since Death Racer Mark Webb woke us up to what true resolve is, we are more excited than ever about what forged all of you and how you all have forged us here at HQ. This may be the last Summer Death Race ever. This summer we’ve decided on the ultimate Death Race theme: PERSISTENCE.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. ”

Our friend Mark’s incredible attitude has inspired us with a taste of this rare quality. In 2015 we will find out whether talent, education, genius, or ultimately PERSISTENCE is what that gets us to those great places in life.

So where is the sadistic twist? Well more to come later on that, but in the meantime we thought it fitting to take 100% of 2015 Death Race entry fees and donate them to charity. Yes, we will give away 100% of 2015 Death Race entry fees. 

The finishers of what may be the final summer Death Race ever will get to choose what charities the money will go to. All the Death Race entry fees paid for 2015 will be split amongst the 2015 Summer Death Race finishers to donate to the charities of their choice.

Why do this now? Quite honestly planning and running the Death Race is hard work. There are a LOT of moving parts, and although it’s very rewarding, we all needed a way to make it more meaningful. Let’s not just help the participants, this year let’s help those in need.”


Weinberg quickly responded back in comments,

“It’s been brought to my attention that someone may try to use a good friends serious accident as a way to save face for bad business practices and promote their event. People have asked for refunds and are being told they cannot get their money back. I will not stand for this. I am no longer associated with the Death Race or Peak and I am unable to give refunds myself as I have been blocked from all accounts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. 


So it seems that Weinberg is out of Peak Races the co-owner and co-founder of the Peak Race series. People still might think it’s all marketing, people will think it’s real. All signs point to reality at this point and no matter how it ends there is no winner and we all lose not just De Sena and Weinberg. For sure this is an ongoing story. One thing is for certain we can look back and be happy it happened and for those of us who were part of Peak Races be happy for the chance to experience such a unique race series.