Episode 82 – Emily Potter – Musician Traveling the Word Living in the Gift Economy


What would it be like to live without money as the driving factor in your life?


What if instead of money transactions you operated your life around relationship building?

For most of us living in the western world this concept sounds so abstract it’s hard to conceptualize. However, our guest on the podcast this week is a musician who is doing just that, living through the gift economy. Emily Potter has traveled the world, played in over fourteen countries and instead of basing her life on the pursuit of making money she strives to make relationships.


Sounds crazy to most, but it is an ancient practice, that cultures around the world have operated in for years. The basis of the whole system is built on trust and thinking of the world as your family. My first introduction to a gift economy was learning of Korima which is practiced by the Raramari (aka Tarahumara to the most) deep in the Sierra Madre of Mexico. The idea is you give when someone is in need without expecting anything back and when you are in need the world will provide.


Our Guest this Week Did Just That


Emily Potter is the “gift economy” musician who has publicly taken a stand that money is not a reason to walk away from a life dream. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Emily is the director of the Million Kisses Foundation and a motivational acoustic folk musician. Passionate about supporting people in living their biggest life dreams, Emily takes her audiences through a Dream Walk Concert, providing her original music and storytelling from worldwide adventures as the soundtrack of the performance. Emily has been doing a gritty, grassroots experiment with money, traveling internationally since May 2015 living fully within a gift economy model. Since beginning her gift economy experiment, Emily has performed for audiences in 14 countries including the United States, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Russia, and all across Europe.

We spoke with her on the podcast while she was in New York City as she brought a friend through the experience of living in the gift economy.

Episode 82 – Emily Potter

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Want to Learn More about the Gift Economy?

Check out this Ted Talk from 2012 about the Gift Economy

Here is an example from Australia of multiple people living in the gift economy as reported by ABC Victoria

Advice on Starting a Business in the Gift Economy

Charles Eisenstein of Sacred Economics Speaking about the Gift Economy


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Margaret Schlachter is Founder of She has been part of the OCR Community since 2010. When not working on the next article she can be found running from race-to-race. She is Editor-in-Chief of She authored the book Obstacle Race Training.
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    • While working on some website updates to coaching offering today I came across these #flashbackfriday photos. Honestly, I was hesitant to share but a friend encouraged me.
These were from a photo shoot I did shortly before the launch of my book in 2014. I did a series of headshots and promo shots for various press.
While the photos exude confidence, honestly this was one of the most uncomfortable moments in recent history.
I don’t wear makeup much, so the when the makeup artist put what felt like layers of gunk caked on my face I looked in the mirror thinking - who the hell is this? - but soldiered on.
The photographer kept prompting me to connect more with the camera and look deeply into it. I was freaking out inside. But tried my best to keep it cool. It was frustrating and at times I wanted to cry. I remember just wanting it all to be over.
For years I have kept these photos to myself feeling like a fraud. But only now realize, what she captured that day is part of who I am. And pushing myself to do the shoot and now to share it is part of my journey.
The fact is I look great in the photos. They are from a bit of a different phase in my life, but it’s still me and part of my journey.
Pictures don’t always tell the whole story and I share this because even the most curated photo could have a completely different story behind it.
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    • Our mugs are currently firing over at @meanmugspotteryco tomorrow I get to see how they came out!
Before we fired this morning we offered the kiln goddess offerings for a good fire 🔥
I could not live the women behind the scenes at Mean Mugs. Every step of the process is a gift.
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    • New podcast out with Natalie Ross of @dreamfreedombeauty and @selfcareclubbb talking about why it’s important to follow your truth, shine light on your shadow, and self care.
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    • My body and mind in meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ up in the Uintas Mountains ⛰. During a 25 minute practice today my friends captured this photo after they got out of the water doing some Wim Hof Training.
Love friends who continue to push boundaries and grow. A day of mindfulness, consciousness expanding conversations, mountain lakes, and vitamin community.
📸: @shellz883
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    • Mug update! Went over to @meanmugspotteryco today to see how the project is coming along and it was glazing day! Most of the mugs are being baked or out of the initial bake and onto glazing.
Glazing is an amazing bit of alchemy knowing the dull looking raw glaze will pop into a vibrant color after its glazed!
So excited for the firing process and for you all to get your hands on one soon when they go up for sale.
These mugs have so much work and love put into them. I know you will love them as much as we do!
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    • Lisa Menna of Cause to Wonder joined me to talk about how she travels to the most remote places on earth promoting equality for women through magic.
That is her message and she wants to spread the message throughout the world 🌍 🌎
Many of the places she travels to women hold no rights and even until recently in some places husbands could murder their wives with no recourse.
Lisa is working from the ground up to change the conversation. Find the episode on the website or your favorite player.
#womenpodcasters #changeforabetterworld #womenhelpingwomen #changemaker #helpingwomen #magician
    • The precariously hanging branch held only by the limbs of the standing dead tree.
I feel like there is a metaphor there. But as the trail passed right under it all I could think is...
I hope this isn’t the moment it falls.
#widowmaker #trailthoughts #utahgram #emigrationcanyon #trailthursday #hiddeninthewoods #trailadventure #utahhiking #adventurewomen #trees🌲 #treescape
    • Stop and sit. I love the go go go lifestyle, so much so I often work myself into fatigue. Especially during the obstacle racing championship season.
One of my goals for 2018 has been more self care, more personal time, and taking the moments to put down the computer and step away from being accessible 24/7. I have been learning from experts both in books I am reading and guests on the podcast.
Progress report - two steps forward and one step back. I have reclaimed my weekends. Set aside more me time and for this summer prioritized my day around time to include trail runs for the run of running, reading, and just learning how to be bored again.
As I type I love this device and sharing but learning once again to be bored and let the creative mind wander has been challenging and rewarding beyond any post.
Also who doesn’t love putting down the computer and phone and playing with your dogs or digging in the garden!
#selfcaretime #selfcaretips #realtalk💯 #makingmetime #learningtobebored #homeofficelife #urbanfarm #backyardoasis #movementmatters #loveyourspace
    • Diana Rodgers the powerhouse behind @sustainabledish podcast joins us to chat about sustainable agriculture, small farming in America, regenerative agriculture, and her new documentary project Kale vs Cow - how she wants to rewrite the story around “ethical meat.”
Tune in on your favorite player 📲
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