Ep. 88 – Tod Brilliant – Founder of The Super Nice Club


Tod Brilliant had a vision while gardening. That vision was of a nicer world. So he set out to create The Super Nice Club, with one vision to make the world nicer. At least 10% nicer. In his own words


“In short, I give a damn. About the world, its future, and my hopefully achievable goal of giving more from it than I take. To do this requires constant, never-ending learning, unlearning and relearning, all of which means that I often find myself taking hypocritical positions that contradict what I thought I knew. I work as a Creative Director and writer, live in California’s wine country with a truly wonderful lemon tree, and work daily at spreading the simple premise of the Super Nice Club (be a little nicer).”


Tod joins the podcast this week to talk about creating the Super Nice Club, what it means to be Super Nice, and how we all can be a little nicer to one another, possibly changing the world in the process. Sounds like a lofty goal, but listen in to find out how the Super Nice Club is a grassroots organization making a difference in communities all over the United States and beyond.


Ep. 88 – Tod Brilliant


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