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Ep. 104 – Caitlin Landesberg Founder of Sufferfest Beer Company

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter


Caitlin Landesberg is the Founder & CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company, Inc. She started the company while on a quest to find the best beer in the world to address her needs after having a gluten intolerance. Caitlin founded Sufferfest Beer Company in 2016 after working with researchers and scientists to create a gluten-removed beer.

Sufferfest has quickly become an award-winning craft beer with the company located in San Francisco. Caitlin brought 13 years of marketing experience when she started the brand working with a variety of tech companies including Strava.

Prior to starting Sufferfest, Caitlin served as Director of Marketing at Strava, a social network for athletes. It was while working at Strava and running with other athletes that she thought of the idea for Sufferfest and wanted to create a better beer.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been able to try out Sufferfest Beer for myself and can solidly say it is just a great tasting beer. Having the gluten removed from the beer is a bonus. It has quickly become my favorite goto beer after an adventure or day working in the garden. Read my full review of the beer here.

Caitlin and I talk about her story, the process behind the beer, and we chat about the formulation of the newest offering FKT that was just released yesterday. As well since our interview, their Kolsh beer with beer pollan called Repeat has been released. Both are part of the beer with benefits series.


Episode 104 – Caitlin Landesberg



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Website: www.sufferfestbeer.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sufferfestbeerco

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sufferfestbeer

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