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Dirt in Your Skirt Announces Athlete Ambassador Program

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter

For Immediate Release:

Applications Open


Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador Program:

The Dirt in Your Skirt athlete ambassador program supports like-minded athletes who are respected leaders in their community. These athletes believe in the Dirt in Your Skirt ethos, the quality of our products and are culturally aligned with our brand’s core values. We support our ambassadors and promote them as they live the Dirt in Your Skirt lifestyle highlighting them on their achievements in sport and life. A Dirt in Your Skirt ambassador not only pushes their own limits but also inspires those around them to Explore, Conquer, and Inspire people they come in contact with.

As an Ambassador for Dirt in Your Skirt, you play a key role in publicly promoting Dirt in Your Skirt throughout the sport community while also serving as an ambassador in raising the profile of the organization and its values. Open to both male and female applicants.

Applications accepted January 2 – January 20, 2013

Dirt in Your Skirt Athlete Ambassador Application 2013


Dirt in Your Skirt Athlete Ambassador Application 2013



As a Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador you agree to:

Contribute one blog post a month about what they are doing in the sports world and how they are living the Dirt in Your Skirt mission. Permit Dirt in Your Skirt to use your name and image in the promotion of the organization and its programming. Wear Dirt in Your Skirt apparel (which might include Dirt in Your Skirt Sponsor logos) when competing and representing Dirt in Your Skirt at Dirt in Your Skirt events. Host a Dirt in Your Skirt training event (based on your availability) on a volunteer basis. Refrain from behavior that is not aligned with the organization’s values (illegal or banned drug use, illegal activities, cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct)

In your role as a Dirt in Your Skirt Athlete Ambassador, Dirt in Your Skirt agrees to:

Profile you as an ambassador of the organization and promote your personal achievements and marketing vehicles (website, Facebook page, Twitter). Provide you with an electronic copy of the Dirt in Your Skirt logo for use on your website/facebook/twitter.