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Notes From a Recovering Competitive Athlete: The Reward Paradox


Notes from a recovering competitive athlete series are the revelations that occur as I continue to move away from the competitive athlete identity and into just a balanced human who likes to get out and move. Today it was the idea of a reward during a trail run. Continue reading

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Those Life Changing Moments…When One Jump Changes a Career


June 15, 2013, I stood on the starting line at Alpha Warrior in San Diego, … Continue reading

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Learning By Failing


Some of the most significant life lessons I have learned were not in the races I finished but in the ones I “failed” at, taking home a DNF.  Continue reading

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Evolving a Mission Statement


Who says you can’t evolve and change. Since the beginning of Dirt in Your Skirt, the brand has continued to evolve and change always sticking to our ethos of Explore. Conquer. Inspire. Continue reading

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Monday Musing: Finding the Commonalities Instead of Differences


We find ourselves yelling from one tower at another on social media. In reality, we have more in common with each other than we have different if we take the time to talk. Continue reading

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